Learn From Home with these myCred LMS WordPress Plugins


Educational institutes, including schools, colleges, and universities, are now switching to online learning and promoting learning from home to slow down the spread of contagious COVID-19 (Coronavirus) around the globe.

Many educationists are indicating that this unfortunate closure of campuses can affect student’s academic progress and learning capabilities during this pandemic. Meanwhile, parents are worried about their children’s future and looking for an equally effective solution that can keep them wired with the learning process. “It’s virtual instruction time, and I think we’re moving more and more toward this,” said sixth-grade teacher Francesco Fasolo.

So as a mutual interest of educational institutes and students, learning from home is appreciated and considered as a ray of hope for educational continuity.

We are living in a time where technology has already established as a rescuer to many problems, internet signals are available at every nook and corner, and virtual connectivity platforms are capable enough to connect teachers and students even they are miles apart like Zoom, Adobe Connect, Google Classroom and many more. For fruitful, “Learning From Home” environment, all we need is a better Learning Management system (LMS). Now the million-dollar question is how we can make a progressive Learning Management System, which is result-oriented, engaging, and motivating for its users.

Here comes the myCred (An intelligent and adaptive points management system) integrated with a large number of popular learning management systems, that includes: LearnDash, LifterLMS, and LearnPress.

#1 myCred-LearnDash add-on

myCred LearnDash helps e-learners to get points while they complete courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, or assignments in a virtual atmosphere. It is an excellent integrated plugin for user engagement, keeps them motivated to focus on their studies, and helps them to earn points & badges. It can play a catalyst role during the learning from home duration.

myCred LearnDash

myCred LearDash

#2 myCred-LifterLMS add-on

This integration of LifterLMS with myCred plugin helps users to award myCred points to students. There are several events on which students can earn or lose points, as defined by the admin. Points are awarded upon completion of the lesson, section, courses and also deducts points if students fail.

myCred LifterLMS

#3 myCred-LearnPress add-on

myCred add-on for LearnPress can be useful for instructors and learners in a way they can get rewards for site interactions, building store reward programs, community games and can be utilized as analytics too. It’s all up to the user requirements. During this tough time of the Coronavirus spread, this Add-on can help you to build a point management system for online learning.

myCred LearnPress

We at myCred, wishing everyone to be safe and healthy during this global pandemic and spread of deadly Convid19 (Coronavirus). We believe every black cloud has a silver lining, and the world is going to learn a lot, even from homes. Take Care!!