20 Gamification Trends For 2022: Top Stats, Facts, Predictions

In recent years, gamification has taken the world by storm. A word that was considered a buzzword back in 2003 has now become a known and tested strategy to boost engagement in almost every industry you can think of. With over 3.24 billion gamers across the globe, gaming elements can’t be ignored. But first, you need to understand what gamification is.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of game elements into a non-gaming environment. This strategy’s core purpose is to boost users’ engagement and motivation to influence behavior change and achieve specific objectives. Currently, organizations across the globe are investing in gamification to influence a better response from both customers and employees.

In addition, gamification-focused learning is also being promoted in both work and school. According to a survey, 90% of respondents agreed that gamification learning solutions are effective.

Well, if you haven’t invested in gamification, or don’t have any plan to, then maybe it’s time that you think again. We’ve gathered a few stats and predictions to help you understand the importance of gamification in the modern world. Go through all these gamification stats and plan your next move.

Gamification Stats to Know in 2022

Gamification Stats to Know in 2022