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How to Retain Customers and Boost Conversions via myCred Spin Wheel?

The rapid advancement has led to the rise of digital technologies that help users progress in versatile areas of expertise that includes a wide set of features, apps, and plugins, themes, leveraging customer engagement tactics to the next level. According to the research, fully engaged customers highlight a 23% higher share in profitability, revenue, and relationship growth.
Boost ConversionBuilding a loyal consumer base requires customer retention strategies that help users engage customers to your store, and gamification is a precise way to achieve it. Hence, gamification is often considered a customer acquisition tool that can be a highly collaborative and effective aspect of retaining your customers.

What is Customer Retention?

Customer retention is a company’s ability to turn customers into repetitive buyers and prevent them from switching to competitors. It simply indicates whether your product and the quality metrics of your service motivate your existing customers. It’s also the building block of most subscription-driven companies and service providers.
Customer retention techniques are the seamless procedures, and initiatives businesses collaborate to build customer loyalty and improve customer lifetime value. Seemingly, gamification has been used as a marketing strategy even before the term became popular. Seamlessly, it has only recently become an institution and a recognized strategy for customer retention despite its comprehensive idea of encouraging someone to move to a store and buy something valuable.

What is myCred Spin Wheel?

myCred Spin Wheel is a gamification add-on that enables your site visitors to test their luck via spinning the tailor-made spinning wheel via setting up unlimited slices on the wheel based on how you will reward your users.
Users can increase website engagement tactics by introducing a fun and exciting gamification element on your WordPress site that offers free spins and vice versa.

Features of myCred Spin Wheel

The following are some of the amazing features of the myCred spin wheel plugin:

  • Set Unlimited Slices – Set the unlimited slices on your wheel and increase the excitement for the users.
  • Complete Control Over Layout – Have complete control over how the spin wheel is showcased to your users.
  • Offers Free Spin – Enables the users to offer free spins to potential customers and easily adjust the free spin limit from the wheel configurations.
  • Shortcode Support – Use a simple shortcode to showcase the spin wheel on any site page as per your preferences.
  • Display on any Particular Page – Highlights the spin wheels on any particular page of your website.

How myCred Spin Wheel Plugin Works?

myCred Spin Wheel rewards the discounted coupons they can also redeem on your website. The visitor initiated the game by signup with the email address, and this is where the coupon wins and can be sent in detail via email. Also, instant users click the “spin” button, the wheel, as you may have guessed, starts rotation in a short interval of time. The rotational stops and randomly falls on an arbitrary value. For example, provide a 50% discount or a shopping code.

Backend Settings

Follow the below steps to configure the backend settings of myCred Spin Wheel:

Step # 1:

Set a unique title for your spin wheel
Set Your Wheel Title

Step # 2:

The user can add more slices based on their needs, they can either choose win or no prize, and each slice has its configurations.
Add Slice & Select Prize

Step # 3:

Enables the user to fill out the form details
Enable User

Step # 4:

Displays all the available slices
Display All Slices
Now, Click on the Next Button.

Step # 5:

  • Enables the display settings to choose the display wheel as a slider or via shortcode [fortune wheel wheel_id=103].
  • Choose all or particular pages or posts to display the wheel on the screen.

Display Setting

Step # 6:

Your wheel is proceeding to be live. Hover to Advanced Settings for more customization options for your wheel.
Wheel Is Ready

Step # 7:

More configuration options are available from styling to custom messages, color slider, and more to make your wheel more effective and attractive
Advance Setting

Step # 8:

The user can simply update the wheel to apply settings.
Update Apply Setting

Benefits of myCred Spin Wheel

myCred spin wheel helps users to improve customer engagement and also leverage the conversion rate. You can use it for eCommerce stores, websites, and blogs by customizing the pop-up design.

1)    Build Fun-Related Sites

Customer engagement and fun-related web pages are favorable methods and instead of working with a traditional workflow. myCred spin wheel plugin has never failed to participate in the target audience to compete and actively leverage the excitement of the potential customers. The visitors are more likely to rejoin positively and keep emotionally engaged in touch that turns users will lead to a stronger brand relationship and increases customer loyalty.

2)    Increases Subscriber Lists

myCred spin wheel can easily leverage your subscriber rate and incorporate them within a mere few minutes. Hence, by gamifying the pop-up window, you make visitors feel like losing out for nothing. All they need to do is to provide their email addresses to create their winning chances via spinning a pop-up wheel.

3)    Enhances the Conversion Rates

Seemingly, when your user engagement increases, your conversion rate is expected to increase equally. Playing online games is classified as the next-level digital marketing strategies to grasp your specific visitors. Furthermore, you can simply redirect them to a call to action to make them regular customers.

Wrapping Up!

Certainly, the overall process of myCred spin wheel plugins engages users to experience the gamification tactics on their sites via configuring the unlimited slices on your wheels as per the user’s preferences and how you can easily reward your users. Hence, myCred spin wheel is a robust and powerful plugin to increase website engagement metrics on your WordPress site that offers free spins and vice versa.