How Call Center Gamification Improves Call Agents Efficiencies

How can you make your call center agents happy and improve customer care quality in an entirely digital world? This blog will describe how to enhance remote call center performance through gamification and understand how it works and some exciting ideas to keep your remote team in touch and feel inspired and happy.
call center gamificationThe workload of the call center is managed by creating more opportunities and rewards. However, this can be complicated when you suddenly find yourself at a remote location. High staff turnover, dissatisfied agents, and poor customer service are the main problems.  According to research, 25% of virtual teams perform poorly.

What is Call Center Gamification?

Implementing game mechanics in the call center is the modern approach to motivate agents and enhance employee engagement. Encourage call center reps to compete with their colleagues and achieve targets at a certain time. Rewards are based on company rules and include recognition with awards such as leaderboards, badges, and trophies.
Call center gamification can be done through unique management-designed systems, software applications, or third-party services. There are many renowned brands available for specific gamification; you can check mycred for countless benefits and ready-to-plug gamification modules.

Why Gamification In The Workplace Creates Healthy Competition?

We have an inborn nature to conquest and achieve the best in our lives. gamifying the organization is a healthy competition where employees get bonuses through competitions. Clearly, in the workplace is an excellent way to start a hale and hearty race and motivate employees to uplift their performance. Just be sure to set up gamification in the ideal state so no one can overwhelm each other.

Top Five Benefits To Implement Call Center Gamification

#1 Boost The Working Spirit 

Gamification in the call center activates ingenuity by inspiring employees to think outside of the box and go beyond their job skills and regular duties. Although it is not poker, it can improve work efficiency, but it makes jobs more entertaining. In the end, you will have teams who like the work they do, put in a lot of energy, and are more collaborative.

call-center-gamification Boost The Working Spirit

#2 Team Members Collaboration

Everyone can feel isolated, especially during the pandemic, and most offices are occupied remotely. Ensure you keep the agent at home aware of what is happening in the call center, like prioritizing their duties with relevant clients. The daily update posted on each agent’s home page can make a big change. It’s also significant to schedule regular calls with your team so everyone can get to know each other. Use multiple communication channels to stay in touch with remote workers. Chat, social sharing, and ideas help family agents collaborate with team members.

#3 Better Video Conferencing 

A clear understanding of your expectations of them is just as important as it is for on-site agents. Be sure to discuss jobs through video conferencing related to performance, targets, and company goals. Having a global awareness and how their work will contribute to the company’s overall success is crucial. In addition, it is used for daily feedback and communication through gamification, and your supervisors can arrange urgent face-to-face meetings with remote managers and representatives. Video conferencing is a prodigious tool for individual calls and team calls. When you need to use visual aids to enhance important information or need to make participants more interactive. Utilize the gamification-based tool and award your agents when joining Zoom meetings via the Zoom website or app.


#4 Progress Evaluation 

For remote employees, few resources are more significant than collaboration tools. Your representatives might be situated thousands of miles away, so they depend on the team collaboration software or the dashboard you provide. When selecting call center software, look for in-depth choices. It must be integrated with agent-centric communication tools. For instance, if agents collaborate on a project, they must communicate and share files. Software should always support and not delay the agency’s work. By providing real-time technical support, you can help your representative maintain confidence in their work and smooth workflow. You can track team progress and award specific badges through a progress map.

call center gamification Progress Evaluation

#5 Improved Customer Service 

Everyone admires playing a video game, so call center gamification can effectively increase efficiency and improve outcomes. For employees who accomplish the best results in their call center, this technology uses rewards and recognition as “tops performer in the leaderboard.” It attracts the competitive advantage of each agent at work. Prizes can include gift vouchers, company bonuses, privileges in hotels, paid leaves, and other perks to attract your employees. No matter what you provide, just make sure it’s courageous enough for your team to motivate.

By gamifying customer service, you can incentivize agents to increase the quantity and quality of customer interactions. Promote representatives to do better, thereby improving the overall quality and effectiveness of customer service. Investing time and money in gamification programs can also instigate devotion from your call agents. Interesting activities show that you care about employees’ satisfaction and their offices, adding value to each agent and their work. Use social sharing tools where your team members can share their achievements on social media.


The Call center gamification embraces a significant impact on the customer experience and sales, which can’t be ignored throughout the race. Gamification enhances the customer-centric approach, which is carefully designed to reduce operations costs and understand business needs. It is firmly focusing on traditional productivity and handling a call center as a prime objective rather than a cost-effective business which is no longer feasible. Ultimately, gamification in call centers emphasizes and balances the business-friendly metrics to ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and high-performing teams.