How To Add Social Login To WordPress For Higher User Engagement

Do you have multiple WordPress sites and social media accounts but don’t want to make a new separate login account for each one? If you are nodding, then you are at the right place.

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It’s quite annoying to make a different account for each website. WordPress social login function permits individual social accounts to register to any WordPress site. This functionality has helped the WordPress Community a lot.

In this article, we have talked about what social login for WordPress is and the best WordPress social login plugins. Let’s dive in without further ado:

Social Login – Concept and Mechanism

Social login is also termed social sign-on or social sign-in. Social login enables you to register into a WordPress site without creating an account. In a nutshell, it’s an alternative to the usual signup or sign-in procedure.

So, new users must set up an account, and logged-in users must log back in, correct? Users can avoid this difficulty if they have the social login option. To connect with your website, users can choose from one of their existing social media accounts, and an account will be created automatically for them.

This social login mechanism indicates that social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., will be easy to access without delay.

Similarly, through social login, users who need to log back into your website won’t need any username or password. They may sign in with one click by entering the same social media account they used to sign up for the first time.

Benefits of Social Login for WordPress

Today’s websites frequently offer social login due to the aggressive popularity of social media. In addition to user benefits, it also helps web admins. Here are some facts that may influence your decision if you are still unsure about including it on your website:

– Low Ratio of Fake Accounts

Several users create fake social accounts by entering anonymous personal details either due to laziness or with malafide intentions to endanger your website. Social logins, however, can massively reduce this. Your target marketing is enhanced, and you receive more reliable data.

– Seamless Registration

Social login on a WordPress site offers a simplified and hassle-free registration process. This allows users to log in or register more quickly. It makes a credible first impression and improves the user experience.

– Lower Cart Abandonments

One of the main causes of cart abandonment before checking out is compulsory account signup. It should go without saying that the checkout process should be seamless and friendly. And in this case, a social sign-in option can be quite helpful.

Why You Need Social Login for WordPress

1- Customers Hate Creating Fresh Accounts

According to  statistics, customers generally dislike form-filling. 86% of individuals say they are annoyed by having to register new accounts on websites. Social login is also deemed by 77% to be “a good option that should be offered by any site.”

Because so many websites now provide social login, Millennials anticipate it. They are aware that social login makes it possible to complete the registration procedure quickly, saving time. Therefore, they perceive it as a waste of time when you don’t provide it.

2- Simplified Login Process

The best part of social login is that users only take one click to check in and continue surfing your website. They are taken care of, so they don’t need to remember a username and password. You might not be aware of it, but social login prevents users from becoming password fatigued.

Users’ lives are made easier with social login, which means they will spend more time using your website and less time attempting to remember and access their WordPress social sign-in plugin.

3- Reduced Failed Logins

As per  research, 90% of users say they have left a website when they have forgotten their login information or password rather than responding to security questions or changing their password.

340,000+ unsuccessful login attempts were made by MailChimp in just one month in 2012.

Above is a large number of users who either needed to remember their login and password or entered the information incorrectly. Because users don’t have to remember their login information in the first place, there is no danger that they will ever forget it, thanks to WordPress social login.

Top 6 Social WordPress Login Plugins

1- UserPro


UserPro is among the top social login for WordPress plugins. Thanks to this premium WordPress plugin, users may register for accounts on your website using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can then create several custom registration forms and apply them to various user roles. A website that emphasizes user-generated content might have separate signup forms for readers and content developers. You may even configure your forms to demand strong passwords to secure user accounts.

2- Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro

It is a complete membership management social plugin for WordPress. Ultimate Membership Pro enables you to build a free or paid membership website with

  • Different online payment gateways
  • continuous payment options
  • coupon management
  • a system for content locking
  • social login options
  • conditional logic
  • extensive email marketing options, and
  • integrations with strong affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and social networking plugins

Consider using this well-liked social login for WordPress with the trust of 33,000+ websites.

3- miniOrange Social Login

miniOrange Social Login

It is possible to log in using Twitter, Facebook, Google, Windows Live, LinkedIn, Amazon, Instagram, and more with the help of miniOrange Social Login for WordPress. Additionally, you may link it with more sophisticated plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and MailChimp.

There are several ways to customize the social login icons with its free version. When registering, users can receive email notifications. Also, these incorporate additional social features like social sharing and commenting.

4- Super Socializer

Super Socializer

Super Socializer is a WordPress social login that is free, seamless to use, and offers multiple functionalities. Along with its social login feature, it offers social sharing options and aids you in integrating social media sites into your comment box. When users sign up on your website, their profile information is saved in the blog database. The information helps you get in touch with them later if necessary.

As a popular WordPress social login plugin, Super Socializer offers tremendous versatility. The plugin enables you to link with bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce, and insert specialized buttons like Facebook “like” or Twitter “tweet” buttons. It also enables you to configure several features of its mobile-responsive login page elements.

5- WooCommerce Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login

Customers don’t hold themselves back for too long on an eCommerce website. Installing WooCommerce Social Login will enable you to save clients time, which will boost your sales numbers.

By enabling a visitor to check out as a guest when they first visit your site, you may speed up the checkout process for them. This will make it harder for customers to make multiple purchases on your website. There will be a new login and password needed. This process for WooCommerce Social Login is more secure and more straightforward in WooCommerce Social Login. Through user profiles, it lets users use their pre-existing Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Windows Live identities. You don’t need to generate new profiles.

This social plugin is perfect for users who want to log in to WooCommerce using their social media credentials.

6- Nextend Social Login

Nextend Social Login

Nextend social login and register plugins support Google, Facebook, and Twitter logins. With the help of this WordPress social login plugin, your clients may quickly link their accounts to their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google). After registering with one of the social accounts, you can specify a unique redirect URL.

Moreover, you can use this one-click social login to display your Twitter, Facebook, or Google profile photo as your avatar. Avatar is one of its most ‘look forward’ features. For WordPress settings, you can use login widgets and shortcodes to handle Nextend social login. This plugin offers customized themes to fit your site, so if you want to make your login page more appealing for your visitors, you can have it.

What About Social Sharing

After installing any WordPress social login plugin, what next? People love to share different things on social media. Offering social login options alone would not suffice. You can enable users to share posts or other stuff socially by giving them a social sharing option, and that’s where myCred’s Social Sharing add-on  can help you.myCred’s Social Sharing add-on

myCred’s Social Share add-on enables businesses to reward users points whenever they share posts on social media. The presenting approach used on the website makes it simple to set up and maintain the criteria for rewarding points. Also, you can set up reward point definitions per the user’s actions.

Wrap Up

Modern websites require convenience, and it has become something mandatory. Several contemporary websites should implement WordPress social login as a piece of the UX puzzle to stay in line with user preferences. By choosing one of the abovementioned social media login options, you can ensure an excellent visitor experience and make them eager to return.


Q1# Can I enable Google or Facebook login with WordPress?

Yes, you can enable the Facebook/Google login via WordPress

 Q2# How do I add a social media feed to WordPress?

From the WP dashboard, go to Social Feeds -> Create a Social Wall. The social plugin will automatically make the shortcode for you. All you need is to copy it! To insert WordPress social media feeds to a new page, go to Pages -> choose “Add New Page” from the dashboard.

 Q3# Is Google Social Login free?

While a few APIs restrict the resources that 3rd-party online apps can use free of cost; however, it’s usually free to use Google social logins.

Q4# How do I add a social link to my WordPress header?

To insert social icons in the WordPress header, you must first add custom links via social networks URL inside your primary menu. Inside the Customizer, head on to Twentig Options -> Header and tick mark the “Convert menu social links into social icons” option.

 Q5# How do I add social media links to WordPress without plugins?

Choose Appearance -> Widgets and drag an HTML widget to the Sidebar widget list. Now paste in the code. The social sharing buttons will appear in the sidebar.