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Payza – buyCred Gateway


Version 1.1


Improvement – License System.

Version 1.0.9

Improvement – License System.

Version 1.0.7

FIX – Fixed fatal error on certain installations when activating the plugin.

NEW – Added option to set a fee that is added to any amount a user selects to purchase.

NEW – Added support for myCred 1.8.

TWEAK – Replaced currency dropdown with an input field to allow you to set any supported currencies.


Version 1.0.6

FIX – Badge creation option not showing.

UPDATE – Updated translation files.


Version 1.0.5

NEW – Added support for Badge Add-on


Version 1.0.4

FIX – Removed extra Sandbox option.

UPDATE – Updated the plugin url.


Version 1.0.3

NEW – Added support for myCred 1.5 Pending Payments


Version 1.0.2

NEW – Added Swedish translation

FIX – Payza payments not shown on Payments Log


Version 1.0.1

FIX – Translation bug


Version 1.0

Initial release