Notifications Plus Add-on


Version 2.0.1

TWEAK – Added compatibility with myCred 2.6

Version 2.0

NEW – Added the ability to create separate notifications for different events.
NEW – Added compatibility for BuddyBoss Notifications
NEW – Added compatibility for BuddyPress Notifications

Version 1.6.1


Improvement – License System.


Version 1.6

Improvement – Auto disable built-in notification add-on.

Version 1.5.3

Improvement – License System


Version 1.5.2

Improvement – Upgrading License System


Version 1.5.1

Improvement – Upgrading License System


Version 1.5

FIX – Fixed Badge image issue in notification.

Version 1.4

Compatible with WordPress 5.0.2

Tested with myCred 1.8 Beta

Version 1.3.7

FIX – Notifications do not disappear automatically.

WordPress 4.8 ready.


Version 1.3.6

NEW – Added new JS debug option for admins for instant notifications.

NEW – Improved how notifications are queried on websites in an effort to prevent third-party collisions.

NEW – Added new mycred_notice_js filer to allow adjustments of the javascript variables.

NEW – Added option to minify js files using the MYCRED_MIN_SCRIPTS constant.

FIX – Fixed minor styling issue in settings due to stray class.

REMOVED – The plugin no longer supports older myCred installations. Requires myCred 1.6.8 or higher.


Version 1.3.5

NEW – Added new mycred_notificiations_css filter to make CSS customizations easier.

NEW – Instant notifications are no longer retrieved via admin-ajax.php

TWEAK – Minified script.

TWEAK – Combined inotify.js with notify.js to prevent having two files.

TWEAK – Removed notify.css file.

TWEAK – Updated settings layout to support 1.7


Version 1.3.4

FIX – Rank notification template is not showing in settings.

FIX – Added 1.7 support prevents old versions from working with this plugin. Added in backwards compatibility.

FIX – Update URL not loading product details on certain websites.


Version 1.3.3

NEW – Added support for myCred 1.7

FIX – Admin preview of notifications do not work on certain WordPress 4.5.x installs.

FIX – Notifications should have a fixed and not absolute position to always show in the viewport.


Version 1.3.2

FIX – Database is not getting installed due to incorrect logic.

NEW – Added option to preview notifications in admin area.

NEW – Updated translation files.


Version 1.3.1

FIX – Increased priority on styling to try and override theme styling that conflicts with notifications.

NEW – Added missing uninstall function to delete the notifications database when the plugin is uninstalled.

NEW – Updated translation files.


Version 1.3

NEW – Added option to show notifications for badges.

NEW – Added option to show notifications for rank promotions and demotions.

Version 1.2.2

FIX – Instant notifications do not disappear if a timeout is set.


Version 1.2.1

FIX – Template tags are not parsed correctly with Multiple Point Types.

NEW – Added Swedish translation.


Version 1.2

NEW – Select which point types that generates a notice.

FIX – Instant Notifications not working in localhost.

FIX – PHP Warning for missing variable.

Version 1.1.2

FIX – Translations not working.

FIX – No option to remove stuck notifications without reloading the page.


Version 1.1.1

FIX – Styling not loaded with instant notifications.


Version 1.1

NEW – Added option to color positive and negative values.

NEW – Added instant notifications feature.

Version 1.0.4

FIX – Missing conditional check to make sure myCred is installed.


Version 1.0.3

NEW – Adjusted plugin for myCred 1.3


Version 1.0.2

FIX – Incorrect variable return.

FIX – Removed color picker styling enqueue.

FIX – Adjusted the template to allow ” and new lines.


Version 1.0.1

FIX – Notifications lack support for post-related template tags.


Version 1.0

Initial release.