Note: This is to inform you that these snippets are around 2 years old so these might not work for everyone.

myCRED Custom Shortcode: Rank Progress

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Creates a shortcode for displaying the user’s rank progress without the need for Visual Composer. It will allow you to display the current user’s rank progress bar (default), or enter a User ID to display that particular user’s rank progress. And lastly, the ability to show/hide the name of the user’s current rank, their next rank, and their points progress.

Add this code snippet to your theme's functions.php file, or to a custom plugin. Then, copy the css from mycred-users-rank-progress-shortcode-css to your theme's style.css file. Change the styles to fit your needs (colors, sizes, etc.) Finally, use the shortcode like so: [mycred_users_rank_progress user_id="1" show_rank="yes"] *This will show the rank progress of the admin user with the current and next ranks displayed

  1. Hello Christian,
    Thanks for sharing this snippet. Found it very helpful
    A little help would be awesome: any way of modifying the code to work with the default wordpress logged in functions? i.e. if I don’t have buddypress installed? (actually, I have userpro instead of buddypress, so a userpro-based code would also work).
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Greetings Raied,

      I’m in the process of updating this code snippet for myCRED 1.6, and I will be adding support for default wordpress login functions. As far as userpro goes, I don’t personally own the plugin, and I don’t have any way of studying the code to find the userpro equivalent of the function that checks to see if you are currently viewing a user’s buddypress profile.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to know if there is a way to view the articles that a user has already read, and propose a list of those still to be read
    Thank you

  3. Try this:
    – Find:
    // Get the users current rank post ID
    $users_rank = (int) mycred_get_users_rank( $user_id, ‘ID’ );
    – Replace with:
    // Get the users current rank post ID
    $users_rank = mycred_get_users_rank_id( $user_id, $type_id );

    It’s due the rewrite of rank functions brought with v1.7 that your code stopped working.

  4. Hello
    It does not work on my website.
    I can’t find a solution and the problem is that the page where I put the shortcode is now partially empty.
    I can’t see the main content and the footer.
    Do you have an idea to solve that ?

    Thank you for your help

  5. Hello, I’m using myCRED version 1.6.9 and BuddyPress version I put the code on the function.php but it doesn’t show anything on the user profile of buddypress and if I just write on a random page created on wordpress admin with the shortcode ‘[mycred_users_rank_progress user_id=”1″ show_rank=”yes”]’ it shows a fatal error.
    Any idea what could it be?
    I’m using the theme ascent, just in case.


  6. Is this still working?
    I’m getting a Fatal error as well.

    “Fatal error: Call to a member function exclude_user() on a non-object in (path to theme)/functions.php on line 1092”

  7. Thanks for this but im getting a blank page when i use the shortcode. All i get is the themes header and everything else is blank. No warning or error. I have tried pasting it into my function.php file as well as putting it into a plugin and both have the same result. Am i missing something?

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