Update Version 1.3 – myCred Social Share Add On


Social Share Addon

Social Share Addon with myCRED Plugin that allows admin to assign points to users for each timeshare post type on social media. Admin can manage the criteria of share through the presentation method on the site.

Version 1.3 Features

  • NEW Added new shortcode: mycred_display_social_icons to show social share icons.
  • NEW Added new mycred_display_social_icons function to show social share icons.

The new updated features include the optional shortcode. This shortcode can be placed anywhere you want to show social icons.

You can select any option from the field of Show the social sharing buttons. Selecting “None” feature won’t display social share icons after or before the content.


Using shortcode

[mycred_display_social_icons] use this shortcode incase if your theme is custom or other functions like to show social icons before and after the content is not working properly on your site. Also this shortcode will help you to display social icons on any position.

<?php if ( class_exists(‘MyCred_Social_Shares_Frontend’) ) echo mycred_display_social_icons(); ?> this code is for developers to display social icons in themes.