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myCred Time-based Rewards | Release Notes

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product – myCred Time-based Rewards, an enhancement add-on that helps you create time-based rewards that users can claim in a time span of your choosing.

Time Based Rewards

Here are details of what this new add-on has to offer:

  • Guest Messages – Create messages for guest users to claim their reward.
  • Customizable Pop-Up Messages – Display customizable pop-up messages that ask users to claim time-based rewards.
  • Use myCred Badges – You can choose to reward mycred Badges or Points as rewards.
  • Control Your Rewards – Control the settings for minimum and maximum reward limits.
  • Include-exclude options – The “Must Include” option can be turned on or off at any time.
  • Label Field Popup – Rewards are shown in the label field of the popup window.
  • Time Counter – Display a counter that shows the remaining time for the next time-based reward.

We have explained some of the most prominent features in detail.

Recurrence time

The first and most important setting of a time-based reward is recurrence time. This setting allows you to define the time a user needs to wait to claim the time-based reward.

How does it work?

The recurrence time field defines a user’s wait time to earn the reward. For example, setting this field to 1:30:00 means that the user has to wait 1 hour and 30 mins before they can claim the reward.

The first time is based on the time-based publication date.

Text settings

  • You can set the guest message text for visitors that are logged in as guests.
  • You can set the content for your website’s pop-up. This pop-up will be displayed when a user claims a time-based reward.

Setting limits (Minimum and Maximum)

  • You can set limits for the minimum or maximum number of times a user can claim a reward.
  • If you set the minimum reward number greater than the maximum reward number, it will automatically pick the minimum number.
  • The “Must Include” functionality allows the users to claim the time based-reward whenever they want.
  • You can also add multiple steps, as many as you want.


The label field displays the rewards information on the pop-up after a user claims the time-based reward. There are different tags available for labels which are the following:

  1. %amount% – Amount awarded to the User. This is only for point types.
  2. %label%  – Label of element type earned.
  3. %el_image% – Featured image of element earned.
  4. %singular% – Singular label of point type earned.
  5. %plural% – Plural label of point type earned.

Any questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out to our support team at myCred Support 

Thanks for using myCred