The 2013 myCred Advent Calendar

The 2013 myCred Advent Calendar will run from December 1st until December 24th and allows all myCred members to gain some extra Tokens!

How it works

Each day a new window on the calendar becomes available for members to click. Each member can click on this window once, and see how many Tokens they have received! You can find the calendar at

How many Tokens?

Tokens are awarded at a random and you will at a minimum gain 1 Token per week you have been a member but there is a chance for you to take home 250 Tokens per week you have been a member!


  • One entry per day per member
  • Members can only “open” todays window. This means that if you miss a day, you miss out on claiming your Tokens!

I hope you enjoy and thank you everyone for using myCred!