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If you are one of the awesome people who have purchased one of my premium add-ons, remember to set up your license key on your myCred Account in order to keep your copy up to date!

To set up your license, visit your profile and click on “Licenses”. Enter your website URL and the next time your website checks for plugin updates it will check with myCred as well.

  1. I have a local version of my website installed on my computer for dev updates. I do not get the updates on that. Is there a way to test out the new downloads before I place them live on my site?

    Example is today I see an update for the Stripe add on for my live version of the website. But on my local install I do not see the update.

    What is the best way to get the update and test first.


    1. Hi.

      That is correct, you do not get updated on localhost installations! This is because each time WordPress contacts my website to ask if there is an update for a particular plugin, the first thing my site does it to check the URL of the request. This URL is then checked against all available licenses and if you have not setup your license then the site will tell WP there is no update.

      When it comes to localhost installs, your url will be a localhost or IP address which will result in no licenses being found ergo, no update is given.

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