Reign Theme Review: The Best BuddyPress Theme in 2024

WordPress is a great CMS to build your website easily and provide a flawless experience to your visitors. Also, you can quickly design your website as there are many unique WP themes to choose from. If you want to build your online presence and make your website stand out, then choosing WordPress is the right choice. You don’t have to be a professional developer or designer to make your website look exactly like you want. However, a common question that comes up every time someone goes for WordPress is how to choose the best WordPress theme for a website?

Key Features to Find in a WordPress Theme

The initial aspect to look for in WordPress themes is their two categories: free and premium.

Free WordPress themes typically offer basic functionality with straightforward installation and use. They lack advanced features, making them ideal for quick setups. However, they often miss out on custom widgets, complex layouts, and SEO enhancements.

Premium WordPress themes, while pricier, come packed with additional capabilities. They’re often usable across multiple sites, offering better value. These are usually crafted by seasoned web design professionals.

Investing in a premium theme is worth considering for those aiming for high-quality results.

Although costlier upfront, premium themes provide superior value. They save time and effort and yield better ROI.

Let’s explore key factors to consider when selecting a WordPress theme:


Ensure the theme offers the features you need. Does it support pages, posts, galleries, and sliders? Verify it accommodates your required functions.

Consider customization options for colors, fonts, images, and backgrounds, especially if you plan to modify the theme.


Opt for a theme with reliable support. Since you’re paying for technical expertise, 24/7 customer service is crucial.


Check the theme’s compatibility with your WordPress version and existing plugins.


Decide between minimalist or vibrant designs. Minimal designs are easier to maintain, while vibrant ones catch the eye.

User Experience

A superior user interface distinguishes great themes from average ones. Avoid themes with poor UIs that might deter potential visitors.


Pricing is a key factor. Some themes are expensive yet offer little substance. The ideal price depends on your specific theme requirements.

Reign Theme Review

All WP themes are associated with their perks and drawbacks. It would be best if you choose what’s best for your business or any other purpose. If you can’t make up your mind, we recommend the Reign theme! This is one of the best WordPress themes for those who wish to build an eCommerce platform, eLearning site, or a social platform like Facebook. Reign theme can be trusted to achieve your performance goals and give you the perfect website to serve your needs.


Different Types of Websites You Can Create with Reign WordPress Theme

Social Media and Community Website

Social Media and Community Website

If you wish to create a beautiful and responsive social platform like Facebook, then the Reign theme is the best option for you. You can use WP community plugins like Peepso, BuddyBoss, and BuddyPress to create a social platform with many functionalities.

eLearning website

eLearning website

The Reign theme is customizable. That means you have complete control over the appearance and content of your website. In order to transform your community website into an eLearning platform, you can use the top LMS plugins like Sensei LMS, LifterLMS, Tutor LMS, and LearnDash. These plugins will help you to integrate eLearning components on your site. After that, you are free to invite professors and students to use your platform. Also, you can create examinations, upload courses, and even take quizzes on your site. In addition, to encourage your students to finish courses and quizzes you can set up rewards by gamifying your site with the help of the myCred plugin.

Single Vendor and Multi-vendor eCommerce Website

Single Vendor and Multi-vendor eCommerce Website

The Reign theme is a fantastic option if you want to create an online store. It supports the WP WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to manage sales, create shop profiles, add payment gateways and offer discounts. You can also build a B2B marketplace that displays products, storefronts, and merchants on one page. Also, its support for various multi-vendor plugins makes it a great choice for creating a website like AliExpress or Amazon.

Create Membership Websites

Create Membership Websites

You can use various membership plugins like Paid Membership Pro and MemberPress to manage content and members on your website. You can establish membership badges and passes and create member profile pages. The Reign theme is perfect for creating a flawless WordPress membership website.

Job Portals

Job Portals

This theme easily helps you create a job portal or even a community job site similar to LinkedIn. With the help of WP Job Manager, you can create profiles of both employers and job seekers. In addition, the BuddyPress plugin will help you integrate community features.

Pricing Plan

The Reign theme is available on the WBCOM Designs website. There are three pricing plans you can choose from according to your requirements:

  • Single site license: $69
  • 5- sites license: $129
  • 20-site license: $199

Pricing Plan

You can also go for lifetime plans and not worry about paying annually for your websites.

  • Single site license: $249
  • 5- sites license: $499
  • 20-site license: $699

Pricing Plan Lifetime

All plans come with regular theme updates and one-to-one support. Every time an update is announced, you’ll get a notification on your WordPress dashboard. That way, you’ll always be aware of new updates. Also, all plans come with a 7-days refund policy. If you don’t feel comfortable with the services or features, you can request a refund.

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Key Features of WordPress Reign Theme

Pre-built Website Designs

Pre-built Website Designs

There are many demos that come with the theme. You don’t have to make the effort of dragging and dropping every widget from scratch. Download and install the demo that suits your requirements on your WP site. Make a few alterations that you think are necessary, and you are good to go.

The available demos provide you with a stylish homepage, and you’ll also find templates for all other important pages of your website. Contact us page, about us page, blog homepage, and post templates are a few templates you can use while setting up your WP site.

Reign Theme – Advanced Drag & Drop Visual Page Builder

Advanced Drag & Drop Visual Page Builder

Reign theme supports WordPress page-builder plugins like Gutenberg and Elementor, allowing you to create fantastic web pages. All you have to do is drag and drop whatever you see fit on the pages. These page builders can also be used by people who don’t have any experience with development.

Quick and Responsive

Quick and Responsive

One of the best features of the Reign theme is that it is fast, lightweight, and customizable. Also, it offers a user-friendly and responsive design that gives visitors a flawless UI experience. In addition, the theme is compatible with all sizes of screen. Over 90% of the global internet population used mobile to go online in 2021. This indicates that it is crucial to use a theme that is compatible with all screen sizes.

Reign Theme – Wholly Customizable

Wholly Customizable

With the help of the Live Customizer, you can comfortably manage page builder support and individual page settings. Live previews can be used to see the impact of any change you make. Furthermore, you can also choose from a variety of options and customize your headers. You can also edit and upload logos and change header color schemes.

Multiple Header Variations in Reign Theme

Multiple Header Variations

The Reign theme comes with various header options for BuddyPress groups and members. You are free to choose from 4+ multiple member and group headers with a click to create your desired website layout.

Multiple Member and Group Directory Layout

Multiple Member and Group Directory Layout

Groups and members are a crucial part of any online community. So, to help you attractively display your groups and members, the Reign theme offers various directory layouts to choose from. Also, you can design a custom directory page with the help of Elementor Page Builder.

Translation And RTL Ready BuddyPress Theme

This BuddyPress activated theme is translation ready to ensure customers from around the globe can understand your website content in their native language. It is compatible with the WPML plugin, which can be used to create multiple websites.

Gamification and Fun

Gamification and Fun

The Reign theme has the support of the myCred plugin that lets you award badges, points, ranks, and other rewards based on members’ levels, actions, and other factors, making every experience, whether eLearning or social media, more innovative and enjoyable. Gamification is a great way to attract users to regularly visit your website.

Reign Theme Review: Final Verdict!

Reign is an excellent option if you are looking for a premium BuddyPress WordPress Theme. If you want to construct your social media platform or build an online community, this theme is excellent for you.

With the help of the BuddyPress plugin, you can integrate features similar to that of Facebook. In addition, with over 40+ demos to pick from, you can easily set up your website without the help of a professional developer. With exceptional support, compatibility, speed, and affordable packages, the Reign theme should be in your shopping cart.