myCred Integration With Elementor – Points and Ranks System in Elementor

NO CODING REQUIRED – These three words can grab the attention of even the most expert coders and developers. Honestly, not everyone knows how to code or, by a long-shot, develop a website or a plugin.

This is the 20th-century ladies and gentlemen. We are now living in an age where if you’re not online, you’re nowhere.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to ask you to learn how to code, but better yet, we’re here to introduce to you a solution that can eliminate the said need.

Enter Elementor – An open-source frontend page builder

Elementor is, as the title suggests, an open-source frontend page builder developed by Pojo Me Digital LTD. This user-friendly and easy-to-use plugin was created to help developers and designers create WordPress websites with NO CODING REQUIRED.

But how is it possible? You may ask.

The main job of Elementor is to upgrade the default WordPress editor so that its users can build custom designs for their website pages. Elementor’s pre-made page design templates are customizable, but that’s not all; The plugin also comes with a set of configurable widgets allowing its users to explore every designing possibility.

Some of Elementor’s benefits include:

– Customize Layout with Endless Possibilities

– Resize Page Sections and Columns

– Dynamic Scaling

– Column and Content Positioning

– Customize, Reuse, and Share Design Templates

– Reach High-End Premium Designs

– Developer Friendly

Gamification – The latest trend in digital marketing

One of the best ways to increase the engagement on your website is by creating a reward system for your users through which they feel a sense of accomplishment. This is where myCred comes in;

myCred is an intelligent and adaptive points management system that allows you to build and manage a broad range of digital rewards, including points, ranks, and badge on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website.”

You can easily build brand loyalty by rewarding your customers through store rewards, community leaderboards, and other endless possibilities. While there are other rewards and loyalty programs available in the market, myCred has two things that no other plugin in the currently offers:


Apart from being an open-source plugin, it works with a vast library of third-party software like Elementor & LearnDash, among others. (Both of these PREMIUM ADDONS are NOW FREE)

myCred Elementor Integration

Now, let’s talk about myCred’s crown jewel – The Elementor Addon. Since we already now how Elementor enables web designers to have full control over the layout of their WordPress website, the Elementor addon’s was specifically designed to create a “flexible environment” – Something that gels wonderfully with the myCred plugin.

As simple as it can be – Elementor with myCred plugin converts myCred shortcodes into “Elements” of Elementor. Currently, there are 34 myCred Elements supported in this addon that can be utilized by dragging and dropping each Element according to your requirements.


– Admin can manage settings of each Block (Element) from the front-end.

– Every Element is customizable through its attributes.

– No more coding – Simply drag and drop each block (Element) from the front-end of your website.

Installation Guide

Follow the instructions below, step by step:

Download the zip file from your account > My Downloads

Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins

Once you are on the plugins page, you can see the “Add New” button in the top left corner.

Click on the “Add New” button and upload the zip file of the plugin which you’ve downloaded from the account.

Once the plugin has been installed, click the “Activate” button.

How myCred Elementor Works

Step 1: Active all Available Hooks

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Points > Hooks
  2. In the Hooks page, you will see two sections – Available Hooks on the left and Active Hooks on the right.

Here, the admin will be able to drag all Available Hooks to the Active Hooks section.

Step 2: Active all Addons

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Points > Addons
  2. On the Addons page, Activate the Elementor addon.

How To Use myCred Elementor

  1. Once you activated Hooks and Addons, go to Pages/Posts > Add New > Set the Title of Page/Post.
  2. Click on the “Edit with Elementor” button.

  • Once you click on the “Edit with Elementor” button, you’ll able to see all available myCred Elements.


myCred 1.8+
Elementor Page Builder
WordPress 5.0+
PHP 5.3+


For more information, visit our Documentation Page.

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