On the subject of myCred 1.4

My plan is to have myCred 1.4 ready by end of January and for this version I want to focus on adding the feature that has been requested by you.
The Feature Request forum has a lot of great ideas and I welcome you to post your requests as well. If there is a request that you like, please make your voice herd by commenting on the requests you would like to see.
The deadline for feature requests for me to consider is December 17th! I will after this deadline go through all requests and see which ones are actually possible to accomplish and I will have a list of features that I will include before the holidays.

Features already planned:

  • Import Add-on – Import of entire CubePoints logs.
  • Management – Export entire myCred logs to CSV files.
  • Rankings – I want to improve the rankings class to allow better customizations.
  • buyCred – Add one payment gateway that allows users to purchase points for BitCoins.

So take this opportunity and let me know what new features you would like to see!
Feature requests posted here will be ignored! Please post them in the Feature Requests forum!