myCred + Unity Update

Attention all myCred and Unity users!

The WUmyCred plugin has just been updated to version 2 and is a beast of an upgrade!

The kit has been completely redone and now supports multiple cred-currencies. This has brought about a number of changes to how the kit works it is no longer compatible with the first version of the kit. Please be aware of this… then look at the great new features this kit provides!

In version 1, the kit only allowed you to fetch a balance and update that balance but it was up to you to create your own local variables to store anything you did. When contacting the dedicated server, the responses were neatly formatted as CML but it was still up to you to extract the data and save it to your local variables.

This is no longer the case. Starting with WumyCred v2.0, when you fetch the balances of a user, the currency’s type (i.e. points, gold, credits etc) is stored, along with it’s balance, inside a public array you can access at any time. Not only that, I now also provide you with a native array index so you can easily select a currency to deal with and not have to worry about keeping track of your selection manually. In fact, I go even one step further and abstract the array access from you by means of the ActiveCred property. Just call ActiveCred to fetch the currency’s type and balance and forget about where the data is being stored and how!

Furthermore, I now do the data parsing for you, freeing you from having to decode the data the server sends you. You just call the function and reap the rewards when the data reaches your app. I still leave the callbacks in place for you so you can still trigger your own code to happen at the appropriate time and I stil pass the server’s response to your functions should you want it, but as of version 2.0 you are free to use the callbacks for menial things like showing or hiding windows… I do the rest of the heavy lifting for you…

Get the update now! As always, Free on the asset store!/content/18520

For more information visit myBad Studios Unity profile.