myCred + Unity = Love

Big news for all Unity game developers out there!
Thanks to myBad Studios you can now connect your Unity game with your WordPress powered website and myCred!

Enter WUCreds, my Unity package for integrating with myCreds. Take into account all the great things myCreds can do for your website and then add WUCreds to the mix… WUCreds gives you access to the logged in user’s myCreds balance and allows you to modify it right inside Unity!
Now you can offer your customer the opportunity to buy in-game content using a currency they earn (or buy) on your website. Give them Creds for completing a level, charge them Creds to unlock a dungeon. Don’t have creds? No problem! Go tell your friends about the website and earn points for the referrals! The potential is staggering!
By having myCreds installed on your Wordpress website you have a virtual currency linked to an actual payment solution and now you can access and modify that balance from right within your Unity project!
And now for the best part… WUCreds is live on the Asset Store right now and is completely FREE for all customers who have the WULogin kit! So go ahead, download it now and enjoy the power this plugin gives you via only two simple functions that you need to learn…

Visit the Unity Asset Store to find our more!