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Lottery Add-on

Lottery 1.2 - Winners Get
In the next version of the Lottery add-on, the editor is receiving a well-deserved facelift and some improvements under the hood. You can now choose if you want to award points to your winners or award products from your store. You can also select to use manual schedules or monthly recurring lotteries.
Most improvements will however be “under the hood” as I will be moving away from using post meta fields to store entries to a custom database table to improve search and calculating winners for “Pick Number” lotteries.
The 1.2 Beta will become available on Monday! Current license holders can visit their profile page and download the beta from the “Licenses” profile page once it becomes available.

Coin Payments for BuyCred

Currently, in beta testing, this new premium add-on will allow your users to buy Points using Coin Payments!

Easy Digital Downloads – myCred Gateway

Let your users pay for purchases using points.

myCred 1.5

Finally, almost every single premium plugin will receive a new update to bring them up to date with myCred 1.5!