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There is no doubt that appropriate marketing does wonders for your business like bringing desirable actions from the target audience. The term marketing covers a lot of different activities, and most of them are associated with selling company products and services. Mark Cuban is spot on when he says: “No Sales, No Company.”

How can myCred Social Proof help you get your point across?

To understand myCred Social Proof and what it does, you will first need to understand the definition of the word “social proof”:

[Social proof is the influence that the actions and attitudes of the people around us (either in real life or online) have on our behavior. The “proof” element is the idea that if other people are doing it (or saying it), it must be correct.]

The act or action itself is named “social proofing”.


#1 Expert Social Proof: When an expert in a specific industry suggests and recommends your products and services to other people.

#2 Celebrity Social Proof: When a celebrity endorses your products and services through their social accounts and offline usage.

#3 User Social Proof: When your current users appreciate your products and services through social media, positive ratings, and site reviews.

#4 The wisdom of the crowd Social Proof: When a large group of people recommends your products and services. It also works when they are highly active on your social accounts.

#5 The wisdom of your friends Social Proof: When people observe that their friends are using a particular brand, product or service and following it on Social Media.

#6 Certification Social Proof: When your brand is rewarded with a significant stamp of approval by an authoritative figure from your industry. For Example, Facebook blue tick or Twitter verified account.

After getting a clear picture of what social proofing is, let’s move on to understanding myCred Social Proof Add-on

Now, that you are fully aware of what social proof is in general, you are ready to explore the magic wand that is myCred Social Proof Add-on, its features and how can it be beneficial for your marketing strategies.

myCred Social Proof Add-on helps in building the credibility of your business by letting your website visitors know about the current activities of your registered users through real-time notifications. These notifications alert the website visitors of different activities such as posted comments, published content, and viewed videos and much more via notification popups on your site.

Well, honestly, this whole functionality is so engaging that it can immensely increase your conversion rate, and it can provide better exposure to your products and services to visitors.

social proof

myCred Social Proof


myCred Social Proof Add-on plays a vital role in user engagement for your WordPress website. These engagement activities can help you in promoting your current products or services to new visitors, along with cross-selling/Up-selling.


myCred Social Proof Add-on can help you in creating positive reviews for your products and services in a manner best described as a ripple effect. Once you trigger a positive recommendation by any subscribed user, it can resonate with others as well, and the social proof algorithm can work in your favor.


Nothing works better than a customer endorsing your product to an audience much similar to what you’re targetting. myCred Social Proof Add-on allows you to easily display customer testimonials that ultimately boost your sales.


Since we have already said it before, people like to follow the crowd; once they notice a large number of the group is doing some specific activity, they don’t feel shy joining the bandwagon. myCred Social Proof Add-on usage can help you make your content go viral.


Another great way of social proofing your brand is to share your site and app’s accomplished milestones with your users. No doubt, reaching any milestone for your company is a special occasion and sharing it with the people who have helped you to achieve that says a lot about your brand and it’s priorities – customers are family. myCred Social Proof can become your loudspeaker when you have new news to announce.

myCred Social Proof Add-ON Features:

  • Real-time Notifications: myCred Social Proof; display real-time notification to your website visitors.
  • Set Notification Time: Have the ability to set onscreen and interval popups timings.
  • Set Notification Reference Points: Select the website’s notification reference points randomly or by your own choice.
  • Easy to Use & Install: myCred Social Proof Add-on’s simple interface is easy to setup.

We at myCred, are now pretty sure that you must be fully aware of the term ‘Social Proof’ and some useful jargon associated with it. You can use mycred Social proof Add-on in many ways to enhance your marketing strategies and ultimately give a boost to your sales. That’s all, folks!! See you until next time with another article, keep visiting our website.

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