myCred Scratch Cards beta testers wanted


The myCRED Scratch Cards add-on is currently in alpha and almost ready for public beta testing. I have a few open slots for anyone who would like to help me beta test the add-on. Right now I need someone using Multisite or someone on PHP7 but other setups are welcome as well.


Plugin Description

The Scratch Cards add-on allows you to setup and generate cards that users can buy for points for a chance to win points. Cards can be bought and scratched via the mycred_scratch_card shortcode or widget. You can provide your own custom design or select amongst the built-in templates that I provide. In the above image you can see the “Treasure Cove” template where scratching the of the same value grants you that value. Right now there are three built-in templates to give you an idea of how the add-on can be used but I might add in a few more. Those with Adobe Illustrator experience however will not find it particularly hard to create custom designs.

The way the cards work is that you setup and generate x cards. Amongst these cards you setup the winning cards and those without a win. When the card set is activated, these cards are generated and saved in a dedicated table. Users then buy cards at which a random card is picked from this table. In order for a winning card to payout, the user must “scratch” a certain percentage of the scratch area. Once a card is scratched, it is then deleted from the table. Once all cards are sold, the set is no longer available.

To be fair, once a set is generated it can no longer be edited. You can not add cards or change how many cards payout or how much they pay out. The only way to change the setup is to delete the set and create a new one.

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Chrome 2.0+
  • Safari 2.0+
  • Opera 9.0+

The following devices are also supported:

  • Iphone and Ipad (with IOS 6.1+)
  • Windows Phone (with Internet Explorer Mobile 10+)
  • Android Phone (with Android 4.1+)