myCred for Visual Composer 1.0.6 now available!

The myCred for Visual Composer add-on is now available for download!

Rank Progress Shortcode

In 1.0.6 the Rank Progress shortcode has been updated to offer you two new options:

– Decimals

Option to set the number of decimals you want to use for the progress bar.

– Formula

Over the lifetime of this add-on, I have received requests to calculate the progress in two ways. In this update, you can now select which formula you want to use.

Option A – Current balance against zero

If selected, the user’s progress is calculated by how far a user has progressed from zero till the current ranks maximum point requirements. This means that when a user reaches a new rank, they will always have progress higher than zero.

Option B – Current balance against rank minimum

If selected, the user’s progress is calculated by how far a user has progressed from the minimum point requirement to the maximum point requirement. This means that each time a user gains a new rank, their progress will start at zero.


Once you have updated to 1.0.6, you must re-save your progress bar settings. By default, the add-on will use Option B for the rank progress but if your copy is using Option A, you will need to either edit the shortcode in Visual Composer or if you are entering the shortcode manually, add the formula=”min” shortcode attribute.
The Codex entry for the mycred_rank_progress shortcode has been updated to reflect these new features.

To receive this update automatically, please make sure your license is setup here on the website! Simply visit your profile and click on “Licenses” to access all your product licenses. Make sure you enter your websites URL correctly to receive the update.