Happy 2nd Anniversary, myCred! A Journey Inside the Gamification Points System

myCred happy birthday

Party Time!! *Blow a Tooty-Tooter*

Hurry! We are happy to see you here on the occasion of 2nd myCred’s anniversary since WPExperts acquired it on 5th-May-2018. Indeed it’s party time for the top-rated WordPress points management system that has effectively presented website gamification solutions over two years.

Gamification is the real game-changer

Since gamification is ever-evolving and gradually becoming an essential part of newly developed digital businesses and eCommerce industry, it uses goals, achievements, and rewards mechanism, which encourages digital users for more engaging behavior. There is no doubt; gamification is playing a backbone role in promoting an interactive environment through points, ranks, and badges, which ultimately leads to more productivity and revenue.

How myCred has evolved in the last two years

myCred is an intelligent and adaptive points management system that allows you to build and manage a broad range of digital rewards, including points, ranks, and badges on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website. WPExperts has acquired myCred in 2018 to continue development and support for the points management system. They knew myCred had all the ingredients to distinguished itself in the gamification world, and they anticipated its potential precisely. With vast experience and skilled staff, WPExperts were able to bring better support and made improvements in myCred. The team of WPExperts had fixed bugs right after acquiring, revamped myCred’s website (June 2019), and launched ’22 new add-ons’ since 2018. Not only this, but myCred has also released 14 new updates in the last two years. Check the complete updates in provided link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mycred/#developers

myCred has released [22 new] add-ons since 2018 *Jaw-Dropping*

Well, the stats for released add-ons by myCred within the span of the last two years is pretty impressive. It has launched 22 new add-ons in which sixteen are paid, and six are free for digital users. These add-ons are helping gamification implementation in different types of web solutions like Learning Management system, E-Marketing, Online Stores, Automation Process, Digital Content Development & Sharing, Corporate Motivation Tools, Virtual Audience Interaction, Progress Display Methodologies, Expiration Alerts, Social Influencing and many more. Here is a complete list of these add-ons.

#1 myCred Email Digest: It helps you to deliver content by email to different user groups.

#2 myCred Zapier: Lets you connect custom Zapier hooks with mycred and automate the repetitive process.

#3 myCred Progress Map: lets users track their progress and view steps to achieve the specific badge.

#4 myCred Points Cap: Enables you to enforce limits on the number points a particular user can earn at a specific time.

#5 myCred Level Cred: Set hooks based on either user roles, ranks, or badge levels and help your users get massive benefits every time they move to the next level.

#6 myCred Social Proof: Build the credibility of your business by letting your website visitors know about the current activities of your registered users through real-time notifications.

#7 myCred Pacman: This add-on is a maze arcade game that enables the admin to award points to users who plays the game.

#8 myCred Fortune Wheel:  It attracts visitors to your site and gives them a chance to spin the fortune wheel where they will be awarded points.

#9 myCred Reset Points: This add-on has an ability to Reset the Points on one click.

#10 myCred Expiration: Allows you to set expiry dates on any user’s points.

#11 myCred Beaver Builder: This add-on converts myCred shortcodes into myCred Beaver Builder Modules, which empower the functionality of Drag & Drop.

#12 myCred WC Vendors: This Add-on gives you the power to define and calculate commissions for vendors.

#13 myCred Dokan: Connect your myCred point management system with the Dokan multi-vendor marketplace via hooks.

#14 myCred Social Share: Allows you to award your users points every time they share your website posts on social media.

#15 myCred Progress Bar: Show your users their current rank or badge achievement progress with a beautifully designed progress bar.

#16 myCred Rest API: Enables the heroic engineers of various tech stacks to use the myCred point management system with their superheroic projects.

#17 myCred H5p: Lets you award points to your users on H5P interactive activities.

#18 myCred Elementor: Converts myCred shortcodes into the Elements of Elementor.

#19 myCred Credly: Allows your users to create, earn, and share digital badges within minutes. It gives your users the power of the Credly Badge Builder.

#20 myCred Learndash: Enable your users to spend and gain points on courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.

#21 myCred Lifter LMS Integration: This integration of LifterLMS with myCred plugin helps the admin award myCred points to students using myCred Point Management System.

#22 myCred Gutenberg: It allows you to add myCred shortcodes with Gutenberg blocks on your website.

myCred’s some other significant achievements

It seems like myCred Points Management system has taken ‘Sky is the limit’ phrase too seriously. myCred’s unprecedented gamification features lead them to be trusted by 20,000+ websites, and it is already received 194 Five-star reviews. It is integrated with your favorite WordPress plugins and wooCommerce extensions like AffiliateWP, Gravity, PayPal, Stripe, and BuddyPress.

myCred is aiming for more splendid features soon!!

We are pretty sure now you must be fully aware of what myCred has achieved in the last two years since acquired by WPExperts. Currently, we are working on a major 1.9 update release, which will bring more awesome features to myCred points management system and will change the paradigms of present gamification.

Become part of the myCred Membership Club

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Apart from the super-saver prices, you get a multitude of amazing benefits that include:

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