myCred 1.7 Beta 5 and official launch date


After considerable delay myCRED 1.7 beta5 is now available for download. This version fixes a few bugs with the badges add-on and introduces a few new updates. You should be able to see an update notice in your admin area if you have a beta version installed or download a copy here.

1.7 Launch Date

The 1.7 launch date has been set for Monday August 8th. Please make sure that any custom code you are using are working with 1.7 before the update to prevent any nasty surprises. I will the next coming days publish a few update posts to go through some of the new features that are coming to 1.7 in more detail with information on how to update and what the new features entail. First out will be the Sell Content add-on, followed by the Badges add-on and then the Banking add-on.

1.7 beta5

First of all, as always, a big thank you for everyone who has been helping me beta test 1.7. Without you guys this would have taken far, far longer and I am very grateful for your help. Beta5 has been tested with WordPress 4.6 and includes a few minor visual fixes to make it compatible. Besides this, there are a few fixes for the Badges add-on with regards of badges not getting awarded and some visual fixes. I have also updated admin styles to look better on mobile and tabled devices.

Banking Add-on 2.0

1.7 Banking add-on recurring payout settings.

Beta5 also has an update to the Banking add-on. Mainly, it incorporates a long requested feature of allowing multiple recurring payouts to be setup for each point type instead of just one. The compound interest service has also been updated to better manage the schedules and I also updated the admin screen for cleaner layout in hope of reducing confusion and clutter. Furthermore version 2.0 has been updated to better handle large websites. As of this version, the add-on will process 1500 entries / users at a time and re-schedule itself to run again 2 min later if more users needs to be processed until everyone is done. I have added in a filter to allow you to change this number if you feel your server can handle more entries per instance. For recurring payouts the filter is mycred_recurring_max_limit, for compound interest the filter is mycred_compound_max_limit.

The stage documentation for the banking add-on has also been updated.

New easy way of adding a recurring payout.

I have also created a separate free plugin to help debug the banking add-on for those using 1.6 or higher. If you have been experiencing issues with the banking add-on not paying out or compounding interest, this plugin can help to compound and to payout interest. I also added in tools to help you highlight errors in your setup based on the most common issues from experience. Just install  and enable the plugin next to myCRED and under “Tools” you will find “Debug Banking” which will allow you to troubleshoot and resolve issues. You can download it here.

myCRED Banking Debug tool