myCred 1.7 beta3 Now available


After some delay beta3 is now available for download. This version fixes issues with the Sell Content add-on, Badges and Rank shortcodes. Please note that custom code snippets for Badges and Ranks might not work with this new version as they need to be updated. Beta3 also contains several performance improvements and a few new white-labeling options. You can update to beta3 via your plugins page in your admin area or download it here.

Sell Content Add-on

Once you update to beta3, you will see a notice to update your Sell Content settings. The Sell Content add-on has received a new setting where you can select to manually select which posts you want to sell instead of enabling sales automatically for all posts or posts based on category / tags. If you have content set for sale that does not have a common taxonomy you should use this manual option. The Sell Content metabox you usually see when you edit a post will only be visible if you have selected this manual option.

Points for Trashing Posts Hook

I have added in a new hook in beta3 for trashed / deleted posts. By default this hook will award / deduct points when a post is trashed but if you have disabled the trash feature in WordPress, the hook will fire when the post is deleted instead.

The Codex

I am currently working on re-writing the codex to update some of the new shortcodes and the changes some of the shortcodes have received. For developers, the shortcodes have also been moved from the mycred-shortcodes.php file to a dedicated shortcodes folder in the includes folder. You can for now, access the new codex via