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myCred Update & 1.8 Schedule


Version is now available for download and is highly recommended for anyone using 1.7.x as it contains important bug fixes. This is the last update of the 1.7.x branch before 1.8. You can find a complete list of changes here.

Events Manager Pro

As of this version support for the premium version of the Events Manager plugin has been removed. Instead, I have created a free plugin that you can download to regain support. I have also added support for Manual approvals of bookings and sorted out a bug for refunds. You can download the plugin here.

My goal is to have myCred only contain support for free plugins while premium ones that I already support will be made available as a separate free plugin.

myCred 1.8

I am busy working away on the next major version – 1.8 and things are going forward. I now feel comfortable to set a beta launch date which will be September 25th with a planned launch October 16th. Starting in September I will also publish some articles going through some of the changes and new features, that are coming in 1.8.


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