myCred 1.6 Beta 4 now available

The myCred 1.6 Beta has been updated to fix the latest reported issues. Once again a very big thank you to everyone who is helping me beta test! I have not had the time to reply to every report in the beta forum but that does not mean I have not seen your report. I do apologize for this. If you have beta3 installed you should get an update notice on your admin page. Otherwise, you can download version 4 here.

New Release Date

Due to the latest bug reports, I have pushed the launch date up to February 1st. Version 1.6 contains a large set of improvements and new features and I prefer that the beta is properly tested before launching. This is particularly applicable for the hooks with the introduction of built-in limits.

Fixes in Beta4:

  • Fixed issue with hook limits not saving if changing it back to “No Limit”.
  • Fixed issues with certain hook limits not working.
  • Fixed issue with Notifications Plus add-ons “Instant Notifications” triggering the “View Content” Hook.
  • Added function check to WooCommerce gateway, to prevent fatal error when disabling WooCommerce and viewing Woo related log entries afterward.
  • Added warning on the Log page if the Mcrypt PHP library is disabled after myCred has been installed.
  • Updated BuyCred settings page to use the built-in field name and id instead of hardcoding the settings on the page.