myCred 1.6.7 Now Available

Version 1.6.7 is now available for download! This version fixes issues with the Coupons add-on, Badges add-on and Hooks. A big thank you for everyone who took the time to report these issues!


Version 1.6.7 attempts to fix an issue with add-ons where if you move a website installation from one server to another, the add-ons stop working. The updater should update your add-ons once 1.6.7 is installed but if this does not happen, you might experience a deactivation of all add-ons. If this happens, simply do the following to resolve it:

  1. Go to the myCred > Add-ons page in your admin area after you have updated to 1.6.7
  2. Scroll down until you see the “Reload Add-ons” button and click on it.
  3. Once the page has reloaded, click to view the Log. Once the log page has finished loading, the add-ons you previously had enabled should be available again.


mycred_load_coupon Shortcode

The mycred_load_coupon shortcode has been udated and now supports custom labels, instead of just the default “Coupons”. The codex has been updated to reflect the new changes.


mycred_best_user Shortcode

New in 1.6.7 is themycred_best_user shortcode which allows you to show the user who has gained most points either in total or by reference(s).


WordPress 4.4 Ready

This update also contains a few minor adjustments in preparation for WordPress 4.4. There might however still be another update once 4.4 has been released.

You can find a complete list of changes here.