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myCred 1.5 Now Available! – Important Update

After a lot of hard work, I am happy to announce that myCred 1.5 is now available!

Updating to 1.5

Let’s start with the really important stuff – buyCred.
In this version, buyCred now supports you selling multiple point types simultaneously. This means that all payment gateways for buyCred has to be re-written. To make things worse, the introduction of the new “Pending Payments” feature required some further adjustments.
For this reason, it is very important that you disable any premium buyCred gateways you might have installed before updating myCred!
Once you have updated myCred, please update all your premium gateways (there is a new update for every single one) before enabling them again! Note that all Premium Gateways now require WP 3.8 or higher! If you need support for an older version, please let me know by email and we can try so sort something out for your version.
If you do not see an update notice for your premium buyCred gateways, please visit your profile and check that you have entered the correct URL for your license. If you have not entered the license you will not see an update!
When you have installed 1.5, you will need to go to the myCred > Settings page and check your buyCred settings. You will now see that you can select multiple point types to sell and not just one. Once you have saved your settings, you will need to go through each gateway and enter your exchange rates! You can now have a unique exchange rate for each point type!
Of course if you are not using buyCred you can ignore this.
IF you are using the myCred Leaderboard widget, please re-save your widget settings even if you make no changes in order for them to work. Common update issues involve the leaderboard rendering a blank result until you re-save.
If you have any custom code in your themes functions.php file that are used to adjust myCred, please make sure these code snippets do not crash your website if you disable myCred.
Remember to always backup your websites database before updating! I make mistakes and you should not have to pay for them!

Banking Add-on

Thanks to Martin S., Sofia and Lars I discovered that my early attempt to improve the banking add-on in 1.5 was actually making things worse. So unfortunately the banking add-on changes will be included in 1.5.1 as I need some more time to come up with a better solution.

myCred for Visual Composer

The myCred for Visual Composer premium add-on has been updated to bring support the new badge shortcodes and to the new transfer shortcode attributes.


The mycred_transfer shortcode has been re-written to offer easier customizations! This means that if you have made adjustments via your theme to allow messages, this will no longer work. I will be posting a new tutorial to show how to implement this in 1.5. See the transfer add-on page for more information and demos.


The new badges add-on is now live! You can find more information on the new badge add-on page.


Award points for users sharing or liking your content thanks to the ShareThis plugin!


myCred’s support of WooCommerce has been improved in 1.5.
You can now:

  • Set a point amount that each product gives a user once payment has been completed. By default, if the user pays for the product in question using points, they will not get this amount.
  • Award / Deduct points for product reviews via a brand new hook.
  • And of course you can still use it as a payment gateway! Memership Update

The way you can earn Tokens has changed! You no longer gain points for logging in but instead will gain points for leaving reviews on products! Only product owners can leave reviews. Read more.
Those of you who have already left a product review but have not yet received your Tokens, please note that you will receive them latest tomorrow.