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myCred 1.5.3 is now available!

Pagination, Pagination everywhere!

Both the mycred_history shortcode and the BuddyPress History page now has built-in support for pagination!

This means that the number of entries you have selected to show when using the shortcode will now reflect the number of entries shown per page.

If you have set the number to -1 then pagination will not be available.

The BadgeOS Hook

As of version 1.5.3, the BadgeOS hook now supports multiple point types! This means that you can now award multiple point types when a user earns a badge or achievement.

If you are using multiple point types, after updating, please go though your hook settings and re-save them even if you make no changes to make sure the new features takes hold on existing installations.

The Points for Referral Hook

The points for referrals hook has been updated to now better support multiple point types!

Further more if you are using BuddyPress, the BuddyPress profile information has now been updated to support shortcodes and to show a users total referred visitors and / or signups. These numbers are solely based on the number of log entries found for each user related to referrals. So if you remove a log entry it will effect the number shown.

If you have been having issues with referrals and multiple point types before 1.5.3, it is highly recommended that you go and re-save your hook settings for each point type once you have updated!

Bug Fixes

  • FIX – The mycred_total_balance shortcode is always returning the total accumilated balance instead of the current balance.
  • FIX – Incorrect order used by the mycred_my_ranking shortcode.
  • FIX – Older version of Events Manager used with myCRED will cause fatal error when enabling an old copy of the PRO version.

For Advanced Users

Sell Content Add-on

A new filter has been added to allow you to rename the “myCRED Sell This” metabox label. You can find more information about the mycred_sell_this_label filter in the myCRED Codex.

Count Reference ID Instances

A new function has been added that allows you to count the number of log entries for a given user based on a set reference and reference id.

The mycred_count_ref_id_instances function works just like

the mycred_count_ref_instances function with the exception that a ref id must also be provided. This is particularly useful when just the reference is not enough.