myCred 1.4.6 is now available!

1.4.6 comes with several new bug fixes and some user-requested updates related to Translations and the Email Notifications add-on.


As of version 1.4.6, you can now override the default translation files via your wp-content/languages/ a folder without losing them when you update myCred!
In order to utilize this, you are required to create a new folder and name it mycred in your language directory. By default, this language directory is located wp-content/languages/ unless you have changed this.
Inside this new mycred folder, please your .mo and .po files. These files will then take precedence over the default language files that myCred uses!
Here is an example of how your file structure should look to replace the default English translation:

Remember to move any custom translations you have made to this folder BEFORE updating to 1.4.6 or you lose them once again.

The following languages have been added:

  • Simplified Chinese thanks to Changmeng Hu
  • Portuguese (Brazil) thanks to Guilherme

Email Notifications

Finally you can now select if you want emails to be sent immediately (default), hourly or daily! Visit the myCred > Settings page and under “Email Notifications” you will find the new “Schedule” setting to adjust this! Note that if you have WP_CRON disabled, these options will not be available!
Furthermore, 1.4.6 introduces the new mycred_email_subscriptions shortcode to allow your users to unsubscribe to email notifications! In order to use this, you must edit all email notifications and fill out the new “Label” field which is shown for each notice. If you do not fill this label field out for each notice, the shortcode will return an empty table!

Invite Anyone

If you are using BuddyPress and have signup verifications enabled, the Invite Anyone connection will not award points until the person you have invited has been verified (assuming you give points for accepting invites).
You can now also use user-related template tags when awarding points for accepting invites!

Gravity Forms

You can now override your hook settings and give a form a custom amount of points of your own choosing! The same thing can be done for the log entry template.
To use this, simply create a hidden field in your form and set the label to mycred_amount (case sensitive) and under “Advanced” set the default value to the amount you want to award. Note that the Gravity Forms hook must still be enabled for this to work. To use a custom log entry template, create a new hidden field and set the label to mycred_entry.


1.4.6 also contains a few bug fixes, especially for sites using myCred with more than 3 decimals! You can find a complete list of changes in the changelog.
Hope you enjoy it!