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How to Improve Your Online Business Performance using myCred Gamification Plugin?

Today, gamification trends are emerging globally, with the sole aspect of improving your eCommerce or online business performance. In particular, if you want to make your brand reach the top ranks of SERPs, it is essential to maintain the performance metrics of your business to reach the climax. The use of market research tools and eCommerce platforms is formulating new approaches to make sustainable performance-driven tactics to boost the performance workflow of online businesses.

Significantly, websites also need a certain amount of online tools to engage and transform users into customers. Hence, In this article, we’ll discuss how to improve your online business performance with gamification principles to drive revenue and sales to your website.

How is Gamification Related to Online Businesses?

Gamification is a next-level marketing tool that helps users to apply gaming-related elements in a non-gaming contextual form. The purpose of this strategy is that when we apply gaming elements to an online store, we create a loyalty bond with shoppers via digital rewards.
Furthermore, digital marketers are always concerned about customer retention to progressively benefit both employees and the business. Hence, digital rewards are a kind gesture that enables a prospective customer to understand your brand’s value to prosper your brand identity.

According to the latest research, companies such as Google and Amazon holding an upfront, among others, have already worked on Gamification as an essential marketing tool to see supreme growth in sales and revenue. Hence, with the emerging competition, businesses are focusing more on an enormous amount of ways to capture the attention of their target audience. One of the most acceptable ways to capture all this is possible through Gamification.

How myCred helps to improve your online business performance?

myCred is an intelligent points management system that allows you to create and manage a wide variety of rewards that includes points, ranks, and badges on your WordPress and WooCommerce enabled eCommerce store.
This powerful plugin helps you create a comprehensive gamification strategy for your online business, loyalty programs to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Users can create intuitive customer engagement via myCred and achieve a tremendous sales graph in return.


  • Points – Adjust events and triggers to enable real-time tracking and instantly rewards users with points.
  • Ranks – Adjust ranks within your leaderboards and reward your users with specific perks after reaching the particular milestone.
  • Badges – Improves your user participation by rewarding them for their outstanding performance.
  • Point Balances – Every user on your site will have their specific point balance, where they’ll be able to viewpoints that were gained or lost.
  • Account History – Whenever the user wins or loses points on your website, the transaction is logged into a central log for the accountability aspect.
  • Points Management – Enables you to have complete control over your user’s point balance. You can easily adjust your user’s balances via implementing or removing points with or without an entry in a log.
  • White-Labeling – myCred consists of built-in support for white-labeling that allows you to rename the plugin in the admin area to any specific aspects.
  • Import & Export – myCred comes integrated with three built-in import tools that enable you to import points, log entries, migrate and manage your CubePoints installation.
  • Automatic Points – It enables you to instantly award or deduct points from your user’s balances for their interaction on your WooCommerce or WordPress website.
  • Multiple Point Types – Build multiple point types with the admin area to easily manage their assets. There is no restriction to the number of point types you can have at your specific disposal.
  • Multisite support – myCred has built-in support for multisite support that enables you to choose between using a simple myCred installation or integrating balances across the network.
  • Leaderboards – Creates leaderboards as per user’s balance or points history to display users with the most points for a specific instance.
  • Badges – Awards badges to your users as per the history of your points. It enables users to set specific needs for this feature so that myCred automatically awards them to deserving users.
  • Buy Points – The buyCred add-on allows users to buy points via cash using some of the most specific payment gateways available in today’s consumer market.
  • Coupons – Creates and shares coupon codes with the users that can be redeemed when they have generated a specific number of points.
  • Notifications – myCred enables you to display popup notifications every time a user gains or loses points on your website.
  • Ranks – The essence of ranks is based on how well your user balance is performed, as per changes in the user’s balance and rank.
  • Store Payments – Provides supportability to some of the most popular store plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce that enables your users to pay for tickets or orders using their point balances in contrast to the actual money.
  • Reward Purchases – Enables you to opt for rewarding your users with the point that they can use to buy products in your store.
  • Sell Content – Enables you to sell content add-on allows you to sell access to the content field of posts, pages, or custom post types on your website.
  • Transfers – Enables users to transfer add-ons enables your users to transfer points to relevant users on your website.
  • Independent Theme – myCred plugin is classified as Theme independent such as your Theme requires to support widgets and shortcodes in aspect to execute myCred.

Compatibility & Supportability

myCred offers multiple support and compatibility that includes:

  • Bootstrap Ready – myCred comprises a nominal CSS styling to allow you to align everything based on the user’s preferences.
  • Translation Ready – Enables you to add your specific language translation or set the built-in translation support.
  • BuddyPress Ready – myCred comprises built-in support for BuddyPress via which you can access BuddyPress supported features such as insert point balances, balances, or ranks into your user’s profiles.


In a nutshell, myCred provides intuitive ways to improve online performance marketing metrics via creating and managing points, coupons, ranks, and badges on your WooCommerce or WordPress-enabled website. Hence, if you want to build comprehensive brand loyalty via rewarding customers through store reward systems, community leaderboards, website content monetization that intimately improves the online performance metrics of your online store.