How To Quickly Boost Conversions With myCred Spinwheel Plugin

Spinwheel pop-up is a visual attraction that your online visitors can heartily interact with. They click on a knob to rotate a wheel and try their luck to win different prizes. Spinwheel plugins are a great source of promotion because your visitors can stay on your site due to them. This helps your marketing activities be more gamified and notable than your competitors. Many online companies have been ingeniously using a spinwheel plugin to increase their sales and customer retention.
Spinwheel plugins

What is myCred SpinWheel plugin and why should we use it?

myCred Spin Wheel is a gamification-based add-on that allows your website visitors to test their fate by spinning the aesthetically beautiful wheel. It increases your website engagement by introducing a fun and exciting gamification element on your WordPress website – Offer free spins and much more.

How does myCred spinwheel plugin work?

myCred Spinwheel rewards discounted coupons they can only redeem on your website. The visitor starts the game by signup with the email address. This is where the coupon wins and is sent in detail through email. Then, instant users click the “spin” button, the wheel, as you may be guessed, start rotation; in a short period of time, the rotation stops and randomly falls on an arbitrary value, for example: 50% discount or a shopping code. 

myCred spinwheel plugin backend settings:

Step #1: Set A Unique Title For Your Spin Wheel

Unique Title Spin Wheel

Step #2 : Add More Wheel Slices, Each With A Different Prize
Wheel Slices Different Prices
Step #3 : Add Long Description Text If You Want
Long Description Text
Step #4 :Configure The Wheel’s Display Setting To Customize
Configure The Wheel Display
Step #5 : Your myCred Spinwheel Is Ready To Spin
Ready To Spin Wheel
Step #6: See A Preview Of The myCred Spinwheel By Clicking On “Preview” Button
myCred Spinwheel Preview
myCred SpinWheel’s Prominent Features:

  • Set unlimited slices on your wheel and increase the excitement for the users.
  • Have full control over how the Spin Wheel is displayed to your users.
  • Offer free spins to your customers – Easily set the free spin limit from the wheel settings.
  • Use a simple shortcode to display the Spin Wheel on any page you like.
  • Display the Spin Wheel on any specific page of your website.

Top 3 Benefits of using myCred SpinWheel Plugin’s gamification strategy On Your Website

myCred Spinwheel gamification strategy helps to improve engagement and  conversion rate. You can use it for e-commerce stores, websites, and blogs with customizing pop-up design.

#1 Develop Fun-Filled Websites/Blogs/Stores:

Attractive and customer-friendly web pages are a favorable method, rather than lagging behind a tedious traditional process. myCred SpinWheel plugin has never failed to participate in the audience to compete and actively raise the excitement of customers. Visitors are more likely to rejoin positively and keep emotionally in touch. In turn, users will lead to a stronger brand relationship and increased loyalty.

#2 Increase Subscriber List:

myCred SpinWheel can double your subscriber rate, and you can implement them in a few minutes. Through the gamifying pop-up window, you make visitors feel that they are losing out for nothing. All they need to do is provide their email addresses for creating their winning chances by spinning a popup wheel.

#3 Boost Conversion Rates:

When your user engagement increases, then your conversion rate is expected to increase equally. The reason is playing online games is considered as one of the best digital marketing tactics to grab your visitors. Furthermore, you can direct them for some desired call to action to make them regular customers.

Wrapping Up!

myCred Spinwheel plugin’s entire process engages users to experience the gamification principles on their sites via setting up unlimited slices on the wheel based on how you can easily reward your users. Hence, this powerful and robust plugin to increase website engagement metrics on your WordPress site offers free spins and many more.