How myCred’s Level Cred Add-on Can Achieve Gamification Objectives in Different Scenarios

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Holla, What are you up to? Are you looking for a perfect gamification solution for your business or startup? Are you a loyal employee and eager to advise upper management for a better revenue-generating gamification model? Do you want colleagues around you to remain motivated in a corporate environment? Are you a dean of any university and wish to improve Learning Management System (LMS) for pupils? Are you a healthy food supplier and want your customers to remain fit by using gaming principles? Are you an environmental activist and looking to boost the recycling process by rewarding participants? Phew!! We have showcased several scenarios in front of you just because if you belong to any of these, then this article is a perfect read for you.


Whatever your perception is about gamification, but you can not deny its deep-rooted benefits for newly fashioned business models, whether it’s a car insurance company that uses a gamification strategy to stop its clients from overspeeding or a WooCommerce store that generates more sales by rewarding customers with points on every purchase. A Keto diet planner keeps its consumers to stay on track with points and badges or a cinema business, rewarding cinephiles with gamification points on buying tickets. Now gamification can be observed everywhere, and its fruitful results speak volumes its significance.

What is myCred Level Cred? How can this add-on be helpful for my business?

With myCred Level Cred add-on, you can get more control over hooks (instances). You will get an option to set hooks based on either user roles, ranks, or badge levels (once at a time). This mechanism can help you to motivate your audience to move to the next level to get more benefits on your business site. Ultimately this engaging behavior leads to more interest in your offers and hence generates more revenue. Here we are sharing a few visuals of myCred Level Cred as an example for hooks setting for three different ranks: Beginner, Specialist, and Master.

#1 Rank: Beginner (10 Points)

#2 Rank: Specialist (20 points)

#3 Rank: Master (40 points)

Top 5 sectors where myCred Level Cred add-on can be utilized wisely


Gamification is an efficient training strategy that can be used to improve the learning experience in the corporate sector, as it significantly motivates learners to advance through different levels and unlock new badges as rewards.  myCred Level Cred add-on can help you to push corporate trainees from one level to another based on their role and achievements.


Adding gamification strategies to an e-commerce website has proven to boost sales and increase web traffic. E-commerce gamification is designed to make the shopping process more entertaining and add some hidden motivators for customers. myCred Level Cred can motivate your online customer for more shopping to achieve new levels through points and badges.


Many industries and brands are emphasizing on recycling procedures to save the cost of production and for a better greener world. By gamifying the recycling process, we can motivate users through points, badges, and ranks to deposit waste materials, bottles, plastic bags at dedicated collection points.


Gamifying activities have become the latest trend, especially among health and fitness apps. It uses various methods to help engage users in sports and fitness activities. myCred Level Cred add-on can help fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals and new levels of wellness.


Many educational institutes and e-learning providers are using (LMS) for courses, learning material, and training content management. Gamifying Learning Management System (LMS) creates massive engaging behavior among the students to get points on different activities. myCred Level Cred add-on can help campus students and e-learners to achieve new levels by submitting their assignments, participating in quizzes, and get rewarded with badges and ranks.


Cisco had invested in a global social media training program for its employees and contractors to build and enhance their social media skill set. But with over 46 courses as part of the program, it was challenging to figure out where to begin. The problem has been solved with a gamified solution; Cisco introduced three levels of certification for the social media training program: Specialist, Strategist, and Master, as well as four sub-certification levels for HR, external communications, sales, and internal partner teams. It also mixed in team challenges to incorporate a healthy dose of competition and collaboration into earning social media certifications. Since gamifying its social media training program, more than 650 Cisco employees have been certified with over 13,000 courses taken.


We at myCred, hoping best, after reading this article thoroughly, you must be fully aware of myCred’s Level Cred add-on in detail. We have described different scenarios where this add-on can be utilized more smartly and how it can play a pivotal role in implementing classical gamification strategies to your business. myCred Level Cred add-on is carrying a core gamification element (Different Levels), which is generally suitable for most of the business types. So why are you wasting your time in thinking? Get your myCred Level Cred Add-on right now and install it in your WordPress powered site for better results. Take Care!!