Free Listing for WordPress Developers

Free listing for WordPress developers with knowledge of myCRED!


Easy Connect

All developers can select to let myCred members contact them directly by email from their profiles. Don’t worry, your email address will not be shown.

Collect Tokens

Tip Jar

Let members tip you in Tokens! All developers can select to enable the “Tip Jar” which allows other users to give you Tokens without any commissions to worry about.


Client Lists & Reviews

As a developer, you can mark fellow myCred members as your “Clients” which will then allow them to give you public reviews! Visitors and members will also be able to see a list of all your myCred clients directly on your profile!

List yourself now

If you are a member on the website then you are halfway there already! Login to your account and visit your profile. Right next to your profile link you will find “Hire Me”. This will take you to the Hire Me page where you can setup your profile details, settings along with listing your clients.

Approved profiles are automatically inserted on the myCred Developer list and on the myCred Codex.

Note that each time you change your profile description, your profile will be subject to review and approval. No spamming please.

Screenshot of the Developer Profile Settings.