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Updated: Coming to 1.3.3

myCred 1.3.3 is due Monday, December 2nd, will be the last myCred update for 2013! So this update will come with a few improvements, requested features, and bug fixes.


In 1.3.3, I will be adding support for the SimplePress forum! Just as you can award/deduct points for bbPress forums, you will be able to do give users points for SimplePress forums!

myCred Right Now (beta)

The myCred Right Now dashboard widget can help you keep better track of how points are awarded or deducted on your website by querying your log.


myCred 1.3.3 brings several improvements to both the Transfer add-on and the Ranks add-on, giving you more options to customize your installation.
Update: I have also re-written the “Points for watching YouTube videos” hook to make embedded videos work on mobile devices.

Bug Fixes

In myCred 1.3.3 I have also fixed several bugs:

  • Fixed rank bug where users are ranked according to their total accumulated points and not their current balances.
  • Fixed bug in the Events Management plugin (free version) where users could not pay for events if bookings were automatically approved.
  • Fixed bug in the WooCommerce gateway where the profit-sharing settings are called incorrectly causing some payouts to fail.