Ranks Add-on

Reward your users with a rank based on their point balance.

Setup and assign a rank to your user based on their point balance. Each rank includes a title and logo. As the user’s point balance increases or decreases, so does their rank.

Each rank you create has a minimum and a maximum balance requirement. As the user gains or loses points on your website, their balance will fit in different rank brackets. Based on those brackets, the user will be either promoted to a higher rank or demoted to a lower rank.




Create New Ranks

Create new ranks and give them a rank title, minimum/maximum point requirements, and a logo.

Set Balance Requirements

Set the minimum and maximum point requirements for each rank.

Ranks Based on Current Balance

Users can be promoted or demoted depending on their current balance

Ranks Based on Total Balance

Users retain their rank even if they spend their points and can only lose their rank if the admin deducts points from the user manually.

Rank Management

myCred Rank is a custom post type in WordPress and is managed like a post/page or any other custom post type.

Display Order

Select the order (ascending/descending) in which the ranks will be displayed on the archive page.

Third-party Support

The Ranks add-on has built-in support for BuddyPress and bbPress.

Template Tags

Ranks (%rank_title% and %rank_image%) – Display users their new rank title and image in the outgoing email.