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Introducing myCred

myCred is an adaptive points management system that lets you build a broad range of point related applications for your WordPress powered website.
Store reward systems, community leaderboards, monetizing your websites content, are a few examples of the ways myCred is used.

Introduction to REST API

A RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data.
A RESTful API — also referred to as a RESTful web service – is based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, an architectural style and approach to communications often used in web services development.
REST technology is generally preferred to the more robust Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology because REST leverages less bandwidth, making it more suitable for internet usage. An API for a website is code that allows two software programs to communicate with each another . The API spells out the proper way for a developer to write a program requesting services from an operating system or other application.

myCred with REST API Integration

I was just finding out something and suddenly this Add-on appeared. I read about it and it’s functionalities, it was really amazing. Let me introduce you…

myCred Rest API enables the heroic engineers of various tech stacks to use the point system with their superheroic projects. Whether you are an Angular Ninja, React Rockstar or Ruby Gem you can use myCred within your apps.

Highlighting Features of Plugin

  • Restful API.
  • Encrypted Access Key.
  • Support for all Platforms.
  • Routes to Award, revoke and retrieve Points to any user.
  • Routes to Award, revoke and retrieve Badges to any user.
  • Ability to retrieve all available badges on your application with Level and their requirements as well.
  • Ability to setup the base URL for routes.
  • Ability to retrieve ranks to any user.
  • Ability to retrieve ranks on your application and their requirements as well.
  • Ability to Get all Registered References.


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