1.8 Guide – Ranks




As of version 1.8, ranks can be set to be assigned to users manually, just like badges. This means that you will need to manually change your users rank as myCred will take no action. To do this, simply edit the user in question in the admin area and select the rank you want to assign them.

While in manual mode point values would have no use, the fields will still be available when editing / adding a rank, just in case.

Remember that if you use manual mode and then switch to base ranks on a users balance, you will need to edit each rank and enter a point value before updating your settings!

Manually assigned ranks can not produce a rank progress, in case you are using a rank progress bar.

For Developers

For those who wish to whitelabel the myCred plugin, a new MYCRED_RANK_KEY constant is available that lets you change the Rank post type.

1.8 also introduces an updated myCred_Rank object, which no longer just holds rank details but also handles assignments.