1.8 Guide – Email Notifications




The Email Notifications add-on has received a substantial re-write in order to allow custom emails to be setup. While in previous versions you were presented with a limited list of instances where an email can be sent, in 1.8, you can now send emails for one or multiple instances based on reference.

Furthermore you no longer need to create one email for each point type / instance. You can now select to send an email for multiple point types or a comma separated list of instances.


Updating to 1.8 will require you to re-save all your existing email notices to ensure that they are sent in the correct instances. While a lot of work has been put into improving this add-on, the add-on will mostly work the same way as before. The only thing that needs to be updates is the email instances.

For Developers

For those who wish to whitelabel the myCred plugin, a new MYCRED_EMAIL_KEY constant is available that lets you change the Email Notifications post type.

1.8 also introduces the myCred_Email object, which is used for managing each email notice. The object contains all the email related settings and details and provides methods to help parse and send emails.