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I am happy to say that the next version of myCred is coming along nicely. Besides a short but intense altercation with the winter flue, the development of the next version has been going smooth. I have now added a few improvements to the Log Module bringing you some new features:

Edit Log Entries

You can now edit each log entry via the new log editor. Note that edits can only be maid from the main log page in your admin area and only by an administrator.

Delete Log Entries

With 1.4 you can also select to remove any log entry from your main log page in the admin area. Note that deleting a log entry can not be un-done!


All myCred Logs have also gained support for pagination! Based on the number of entries you have selected to show under the “Screen Options” tab, the log class will not paginate the results accordingly!

Log Export

With 1.4 you can now select to export your entire log, the log entries currently being displayed or your entire search results in a CSV file!


In 1.4, the BuddyPress add-on will disappear and be included just like any other supported plugin. This means that you no longer need to enable the BuddyPress add-on. If you have BuddyPress installed and enabled, the BuddyPress settings and hooks will be automatically available on their respective pages.

New Hook: Referrals

I have added a very simple affiliate system as a hook for myCred. You can now award points to users who refer visitors and / or signups. Note that if you are looking for a more advanced affiliate system it is highly recommended that you use a affiliate plugin instead of this hook!


In 1.4, myCred Rankings (not to be confused with Ranks), have been renamed to “Leaderboard” to cause less confusion. The myCred_Ranking and myCred_Query_Ranking classes have been depreciated and replaced with the myCred_Leaderboard and myCred_Query_Leaderboard classes.

Under the hood

I have made several improvements for modules in order to add support for multiple point types and to improve performance. The myCred General Class has been renamed to myCred_Settings_Module along with all AJAX functions have been adjusted to use built in WordPress functions instead of custom functions where ever possible.

Unless you have added advanced customizations to your myCred installation or are a developer, these changes will not affect you in any way. These adjustments bring no visible changes to myCred, it’s all under the hood.

I have also adjusted add-ons to work similarly to hooks without the need to check the add-on folder for existing files. This will also resolve translation issues for particular add-on file descriptions.

  1. Looks great Gabriel! I’ll be quite happy with the built-in referral hook you got here. As long as I can get members to refer others to my sites that use myCRED, I’ll be very happy.

  2. Typo:
    the log class will now paginate the results accordingly!

    Bravo for all the work on the Logs especially for the different options offered during Export.
    And the refferal system/hook looks great!

  3. Gabriel
    Thank you for getting the affiliate system included in mycred. That’s the nicest thing IMO: keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Gabriel, thank you! I’m looking fwd to the new version.

    One question re “referrals”. Why reinvent the wheel, so to speak? This is already taken care of through Invite Anyone plugin and myCred’s ability to assign points for inviting people via that plugin. Or am I missing something?


    1. Hey Rob. The referral hook is not here to replace any referral / affiliate plugin out there. It is just a very simple referral hook that allows you to reward visitor or signup referrals. There are a lot of great plugins out there that can do all this for you but most of them come bloated with a lot of features that will be useless here.

    2. Hey Rob

      2 things you are missing and which will make myCRED even more awesome:
      1) With Invite Anyone you can only award points for making the referral i.e. did the bloke click on the link. With this you can award a second set of points when the referral actually joins your blog which it 100x more powerful.

      2) With Invite Anyone you are limited to emails as referral medium which is probably the most powerful. But with this you can use the newly configured referral link in a range of referral/ affiliate tools like pre-formatted tweets, blog or forum posts, banner codes – you name it! Again 100x more powerful.

  5. Hi Master G.

    As you know I am already using your referral system from your tutorials page but I am salivating over the new hook you are building into v1.4.

    Few pointers/ requests though as I tend to use Tell A Friend scripts a lot for my websites:
    1) The IP Limit – I take it that is on a referral basis i.e. each IP Address can only lead to one set of referral credits being awarded to avoid bogus signups for credits. How do you handle referrals made to the same prospect from different users or is your system only working on a per session basis? I prefer the newest referral overwriting the previous referral. Also, is there a cookie expiry that we can set or do you not use cookies?

    2) The referral ID is great that members can use their usernames. It makes it much easier for the member to make “word of mouth” referrals as it is easy to remember the website URL and their own username. Only thing I would suggest is if you allow admins to choose their own string instead of “mref”. I use just “r” for instance which means the referral url is simply http://url/?r=username -> very easy for members to remember and to use in referral tools like email templates, banners, tweets, etc.

    Here is my favorite WordPress Tell A Friend script:

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work – you rock Master G.

    1. Hi.

      1. Yes it is an optional IP limit which you can use to limit the number of referrals each IP. You can use zero to disable.
      2. The referral hook will use mref as the key for all referrals. You can change this via a hook but no other options are available.

      Please remember that this is not a replacement for existing affiliate systems. You need something more advanced, use an affiliate plugin. This hook is, as requested, a very basic referral hook.

      You can wrap this referral link around a banner or image or just insert the link into the users profiles and ask them to use it. Its all up to you and how you want to use it. And yes, the referral hook uses cookies.

  6. Hi Gabriel

    I would like to find out due to we can are going to have more then one pointing type, witch is awesome i love it, can it be possible to transfer lets say points one to points two with a conversion rate.

    John has 10 pt and want to convert it to Tokens, then is must be like 10 points = 1 token

    or am i missing something

    1. No transfers will work as they do now but you can select which point types that can be transferred. The multiple point types system will basically clone the myCRED installation for each point type you setup. So i.e. default is set to “Points” then have “Experience” as a different point type. You maybe set to allow users to only transfer points to another or points and experience. There will be no exchange between points, thats more of a customization.

  7. Hi Gabriel

    I hope i am not pushing my luck

    I would also like to know is there a way to link referrals to there referrers
    for example

    On a page (Shortcode)
    Your Referred By : deonmeyer
    You Currently have 12 Referrals
    List of Referrals
    Username | Points Gained |

    and also a way for the admin to see how referred how

    1. This would be more of a customization. I am not looking to build a new referral system. I will provide the foundation then it will be up to you to adjust it to your needs.

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