1.4 Progress – The Log, BuddyPress, Referrals and Under the hood improvements

I am happy to say that the next version of myCred is coming along nicely. Besides a short but intense altercation with the winter flue, the development of the next version has been going smooth. I have now added a few improvements to the Log Module bringing you some new features:

Edit Log Entries

You can now edit each log entry via the new log editor. Note that edits can only be made from the main log page in your admin area and only by an administrator.

Delete Log Entries

With 1.4 you can also select to remove any log entry from your main log page in the admin area. Note that deleting a log entry can not be undone!


All myCred Logs have also gained support for pagination! Based on the number of entries you have selected to show under the “Screen Options” tab, the log class will not paginate the results accordingly!

Log Export

With 1.4 you can now select to export your entire log, the log entries currently being displayed, or your entire search results in a CSV file!


In 1.4, the BuddyPress add-on will disappear and be included just like any other supported plugin. This means that you no longer need to enable the BuddyPress add-on. If you have BuddyPress installed and enabled, the BuddyPress settings and hooks will be automatically available on their respective pages.

New Hook: Referrals

I have added a very simple affiliate system as a hook for myCred. You can now award points to users who refer visitors and/or signups. Note that if you are looking for a more advanced affiliate system it is highly recommended that you use an affiliate plugin instead of this hook!


In 1.4, myCred Rankings (not to be confused with Ranks), have been renamed to “Leaderboard” to cause less confusion. The myCred_Ranking and myCred_Query_Ranking classes have been deprecated and replaced with the myCred_Leaderboard and myCred_Query_Leaderboard classes.

Under the hood

I have made several improvements for modules in order to add support for multiple point types and to improve performance. The myCred General Class has been renamed to myCred_Settings_Module along with all AJAX functions that have been adjusted to use built-in WordPress functions instead of custom functions where ever possible.
Unless you have added advanced customizations to your myCred installation or are a developer, these changes will not affect you in any way. These adjustments bring no visible changes to myCred, it’s all under the hood.

I have also adjusted add-ons to work similarly to hooks without the need to check the add-on folder for existing files. This will also resolve translation issues for particular add-on file descriptions.