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1.4.5 is here to fix what 1.4.4 missed out on!

It seems my attempt to fix the import / export feature in myCRED failed as it is still buggy. In this version I hope I have sorted the issue out.
Note that balance exports from previous version will no longer work without manual adjustment!
As of 1.4.5, in order to import balances, you must have a point type column.The new CSV File format should be:

  1. mycred_user – identifying the user
  2. mycred_amount – the point amount
  3. mycred_ctype – the point type NEW
  4. mycred_log – optional log entry to add for each import

This means that if you have an old export file with the mycred_user, mycred_amount and mycred_log column, you must add in the mycred_ctype column or your import will be treated as a default point type import.
Your CSV file should like like this:

mycred_user,mycred_amount,mycred_ctype,mycred_log,10,mycred_default,Import from April

Alternatively you can leave the column empty if all points are just the regular point type and you are not using any custom ones.

mycred_user,mycred_amount,mycred_ctype,mycred_log,10,,Import from April

This also means that you can now export individual point type balances and the bug with not being able to remove log entries based on point type is resolved.