1.4.4 is Available Now!

Version 1.4.4 is now available for download! Along a few bug fixes relating to Multiple point types and ranks, this version also introduces several new filters to help you customize myCred even more! For all my Russian friends out there, I am also happy to announce that thanks to Skladchik, myCred now comes in Russian!

Bug Fixes

In this version, I have fixed a bug related to how multiple point type balances are rendered on BuddyPress profiles and in the admin area. I also changed the menus now to show the point name instead of myCred History.
There are also a few minor fixes added to the myCred_Query_Log class that now supports filtering by a comma-separated list of reference ids and not just one.

Import Balances

Adjusted the importer to give you the option to either replace your user’s current balances with the amounts in the import file OR add/subtract from their current balance.

New Filters

A couple of new filters has been added to help you further customize myCred to your needs.
This filter allows you to adjust how much a user’s total order or cart total costs converted into points. This amount returned by this filter is what will be deducted (if the user has enough points) from the buyer’s account. You can use this if you have a custom setup for how many products in WooCommerce cost in your points.

This filter allows you to adjust how the rank is rendered in your user’s BuddyPress profile header.

This filter allows you to adjust how a rank is rendered in your users BuddyPress profile page.

This filter allows you to adjust the check myCred makes to see if a user has paid for a content that is set for sale using the Sell Content add-on. You can use this filter to give access to specific users for specific posts without them having to pay.

This filter allows you to adjust the check myCred makes to see if a particular post is set for sale or not.