– Security Update

Thanks to Johnathan Martin, a weakness in the buyCred add-on has been discovered! This update will fix this issue and it is very important that you update! Since myCred 1.4 is still a few weeks away, I decided that the most prudent step would be to push though a new update before 1.4.
This version also fixes a few issues that was brought to my attention by the good folk of m4dgaming.com. Thanks guys for not only reporting the issue but also providing a solution!

buyCred Add-on

Fixes a security issue. If you are using myCred 1.2 or lower, please contact me via the contact form with your myCred version number and I will send you an updated copy!


On multisite where the “Centralized Log” feature is not used, the wrong balance is shown to the current user.

Sell Content

When using the mycred_sell_this shortcode in bbPress forum topics, the shortcode will sell access to all topics in the same forum. Thanks Gabriel Galvão for bringing this to my attention!

User Related Template Tags

Fixed issues with user-related template tags when the user is deleted. Note that in 1.4, you will have the option to delete log entries.

Points for Registrations Hook

Fixed issue with users getting duplicate points when registering via social media sites.


  • Added icon for the myCred menu in WP 3.8
  • Added new mycred_buycred_load_gateways action for the buyCred add-on in prep for 1.4
  • Added new button attribute to the mycred_buy_form shortcode to allow custom button labels.
  • Added Vietnamese translation thanks to Thu Hoai.
  • Added Persian translation thanks to Mani.