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Current Version: 1.4

The buyCRED add-on allows your users to buy points using real money via a vast range of supported Payment Processors.


Give your points a monetary value by allowing them to exchange real money for points. Note that you can not convert points back to a real currency!

The buyCRED add-on comes with support for five payment gateways, but you can also find more payment gateways under “Premium Add-ons” if the ones included does not suit your needs.

Important to remember! Please make sure you check the requirements for each payment operator to ensure you can use the gateway.


  1. Visit the myCRED > Add-ons page.
  2. Enable the “buyCRED” add-on.
  3. Visit the “Settings” sub-menu page and click on “buyCRED” to view the default settings.
  4. Adjust the default settings to your needs and click “Update Settings” on the bottom of the page to save.
  5. Visit the “Payment Gateways” sub-menu page in the “myCRED” menu.
  6. Click on the title of each Gateway that you want users to be able to choose from when purchasing points, and make sure you enter all required fields.
    • Note that some gateways requires to be modified in order to work with myCRED. For example the PayPal gateway requires you to login to your PayPal account and set the IPN address.
    • If you want to test these gateways before using them, you can tick the “Sandbox Mode” checkbox. Don’t forget to disable Sandbox Mode once you are done!
    • A red gateway icon indicates that the gateway is not used, Orange indicates that the Sandbox Mode is active and Green indicates that the gateway is active and ready.
  7. At this point, the buyCRED add-on is ready for purchases! In order for your users to buy points, you will need to insert one of the following shortcodes on your website:
    • mycred_buy
      This shortcode can be used when you want users to purchase a preset number of points to a preset user (for example the content author). Please consult the codex for examples and available options for this shortcode.
    • mycred_buy_form
      This shortcode is a more advanced version of mycred_buy allowing users to select the amount they want to buy,which gateway to use for the purchase and optionally (if you allow it) purchase points for other members. Please consult the codex for examples and available options for this shortcode.
  8. Done!

PayPal Standard






Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can users convert points back into a currency?
    No. myCRED does not offer a withdrawal system. If you are comfortable with PHP, it can be done with ease but it is not a feature that myCRED includes.
  • What is Sandbox Mode?
    Sandbmox mode is used when you want to make test purchases using the buyCRED add-on. This way you can make test purchases to make sure everything works or if you have issues, troubleshoot what the issue might be. If you do not want to make test purchases make sure Sandbox Mode is disabled!
  • When buying Points using PayPal, can I use any email address?
    Yes, buyers can pay using any PayPal email address when purchasing points on your site.

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myCRED.me members can buy Tokens at any time via their profiles. Simply login and visit the “Tokens” page under your profile. Here you can select “Buy Tokens” in the sub-menu.

On this page, I am using the mycred_buy shortcode multiple times for each gateway. This is one example of how you can let users buy a specific amount of points.