Latest Features
  • mycred-feature-addons

    Add More with Add-ons

    Enable advanced myCRED features via the built-in or premium add-ons.

  • mycred-feature-remote-access

    Remote API

    As of 1.3 myCRED offers a remote access API allowing your site to run requests from other websites.

  • mycred-feature-export

    CSV export of users balances

    Export all your users current points balances to a CSV file. This file can be used with the myCRED Import Add-on to import on a different website or use as a backup.

  • mycred-feature-inline-edit

    Easy Manual Adjustments

    Manually adjusting your users points have never been easier.

  • mycred-feature-whitelabeling

    Rename, Adjust or Expand

    myCRED was built to be flexible but above all, it was built to be customized. The plugin is module based allowing you to expand or adjust almost any feature.

  • mycred-feature-log

    The Log

    myCRED logs everything, giving you a complete overview of points awarded or deducted from your users.

Latest Products
Supported Plugins & Themes
  • WooCommerce

    Let your users pay for their shopping carts using their point balance!

  • Disqus

    Award or deduct points for users submitting comments via Disqus.

  • Gravity Forms

    Award or deduct points for users submitting Gravity forms.

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