Let myCRED manage your points

myCRED supports a vast number of different types of point setups. Just looking to engage your users by awarding them points, badges or ranks based on their interaction with your website? No problem.

Looking to build a reward or frequent-flyer program for your store to increase loyalty and sales? myCRED got your covered!


myCRED comes with a large set of shortcodes to help you display point related information and features.


Balances, transfer forms and leaderboard have their own widget for themes that supports them.

Admin Tools

As an administrator, you can edit any users balance, change your points setup, import / export balances and histories and a lot more.

Open-source, free and developer friendly

Just like WordPress, myCRED is free and open-source. You can download it directly from without any license fees.

With the all the potential uses for myCRED it’s hard to create a plugin that “does it all”. So instead, myCRED was built to be customizable and developer friendly.