Latest Features

  • mycred-feature-addons

    Add More with Add-ons

    Enable advanced myCRED features via the built-in or premium add-ons.

  • mycred-feature-remote-access

    Remote API

    Connect different websites via the Remote API, allowing you to share your users balances and award or deduct points from users remotely.

  • mycred-feature-export

    CSV export of users balances

    Export all your users current points balances to a CSV file. This file can be used with the myCRED Import Add-on to import on a different website or use as a backup.

  • mycred-feature-inline-edit

    Easy Manual Adjustments

    While myCRED can manage your points system on it’s own, sometimes you as administrator need to adjust a users points balance. Depending on how you prefer to manage your users, myCRED offers you two ways that you can adjust a users points balance.

  • mycred-feature-whitelabeling

    Rename, Adjust or Expand

    myCRED was built to be flexible but above all, it was built to be customized. The plugin is module based allowing you to expand or adjust almost any feature. Developers will find the myCRED Codex a great resource as I have documented a large portion of the plugin with examples where ever possible.

  • mycred-feature-log

    The Log

    By default, myCRED logs everything it does in a custom table in your database. As an administrator you can select what and how things get logged and with the help of template tags, you can create dynamic log entries.

Latest Products

Supported Plugins & Themes

  • Formidable Pro

    DescriptionSupported Features Add and deduct from MyCRED currency types from Formidable forms through the use of this plugin. Just like MyCRED, this will support multiple currency types and it is completely customizable. Plugin Website • Formidable Pro Gateway Add-on Can use multiple credit types Will help to restrict a credit type from going below 0 Will [...]

  • Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is all-in-one social share solution for WordPress that allows you share, monitor and increase your social popularity.

  • WatuPro

    Award points for users who completes quizzes via WatuPro

Latest Tutorials

  • feature-image-transfer

    Customize Transfers in 1.5

    In this tutorial we will be customizing the Transfer form by adding support for messages or require users to enter their password to verify the transfer.

  • feature-image-transfer

    Add Transfer Messages

    In this short tutorial, I will show you how you can customize myCRED to allow users to append custom messages to the user they are transferring points to.

  • buddypress-sort-tutorial

    BuddyPress: Sort members by current balance

    In this tutorial I will show you how you can sort your BuddyPress members list according to your users current points balances.