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Version 1.1 of the scratch card add-on is now available for download!

This version introduces the new Play API, which will be introduced for the lottery add-on as well. This new API is aimed to make customizations of the play field easier and to bring more unified layouts. On the top of the play field you can now also show users their current balance! If shown and the user wins, the API will animate the balance as users gain or loose points.

Version 1.1 also fixes a few bugs, like the soldout issue along with some CSS issues. I have also added a new shortcode called mycred_all_scratch_cards. This shortcode allows you to show all active card sets in one play field allowing users to select which card they want to play.

New Features:

  • New mycred_all_scratch_cards shortcode.
  • You can now change templates and set logo for active card sets.
  • Option to show users balance in play field.
    1. The Play API is my attempt to try and standarlize the game field. The lottery add-on for example has a very basic (and somewhat ugly) play field and my goal is to have all games use the same setup and process to run plays. This would allow me to, for example, build shortcodes where you can play either a lottery or a scratch card (if you use both) in the same field. Instead of having one way of doing things for this plugin and another way to do things on that plugin.

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