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myCred Twinterview With Ercan Altuğ Yilmaz – Gamification Master of Turkey, Lecturer, and Author

myCred is receiving overwhelming responses for its twinterviews and now followers are expecting more informative and insightful twinterviews with various gamification experts. To fulfill our followers’ expectations, Last week, we invited veteran gamification expert, Ercan Altuğ Yilmaz. He needs no introduction as he has already held several jewels in his crown like Gamification Master of Turkey (Gamfed), Co-Founder (Oyun Akademisi), Lecturewr (Bahcesehir University, Istanbul Bilgi University, Beykoz Üniversitesi), and a book author (Gamification for Everyone). myCred conducted a brief twinterview with him to talk about his contribution to the gamification industry.
Twinterview With Ercan Altuğ Yilmaz
Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz has worked in digital education channels management at Netron, Bilge Adam, Turkcell, and Yum Brands before working on award-winning gamification projects.
He wrote the book “Gamification for Everyone”, the first Turkish gamification book published by Abaküs Yayıncılık in 2015. He is also the first and only Turkish to present at the World Gamification Conference (Gamification World Congress).
At present, he is working as a Gamification Master of Turkey at (Gamfed), Co-founder of (Oyun Akademisi), and lecturer at (Bahcesehir University). He is busy with training, seminars, and consultancy on topics such as digital education systems, digital game design, gamification, virtual reality and augmented reality.
Let’s read what Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz has said during his twinterview with myCred!
Q#1. What is the role of gamification in the education sector? How do you see gamification as a vital tool for online learning?
Mention: Gamification is one of the best tools for educators to engage learners in several ways, engage who engage already or not engage too. After the pandemic, everyone started to use digital and gamify tools for more engagement.

Q#2. Tell the tweeple about Gamfed? What does it do? What do you do here?
Mention: Gamfed @GamFedis ( Non-profit gamification community all over the world and generate content about gamification and getting together all gamification experts. Also helps to some events like @GamifyAwards @GamificationMea @Gamification_EU

Q#3. What is the scope of gamification in Turkey, and what are the best gamification examples you see around in your country?
Mention: In Turkey, Gamification is very popular especially in education areas. But during the pandemic, many digital applications started to use with user experience. I like ramifying counting steps like @helpstepsapp at Turkey.

Q#4. How was your experience representing Turkey at Gamification World Congress (Madrid)?
Mention: That was a life time experience, I was at stage after experts like

@kwerb @DaveRage @petejenkins @yukaichou also made me very proud to make more stuff to do with gamification at my country.
Q#5. What inspired you to write the book Herkes icin Oyunlastirma’ (Gamification for Everyone)?
Mention: In Turkish there was no book about gamification, I started to make interviews with experts and make me very motivated about it.

Q#6. Which gamification element do you emphasize most in your conferences, seminars, and lectures?
Mention: Mostly status and access kind of rewards like signed books, lunch with keynote, presenting more time, having time with me kind of.

Q#7. How do you see the combination of gamification with virtual reality and augmented reality?
Mention: I think VR is future of entertainment and game not gamification, but AR is going to be norm specially end user can able to create content without app or plugin for builtin phone cameras. So everyone who has phone will be AR game designer.

Q#8. Where do you see the gamification industry in the next 5 years?
Mention: I see mostly we focus user experience and specially NFT kind of blockchain technologies made more gamify experience to digital environment.

Q#9. How do you manage your different roles in life, lecturer, author, speaker, and gamification consultant?
Mention: I’m learning all from it. Some periods I focus one of them but I learn from companies and going to show at conference as a speaker, then I meet people and then go to lecture for them. So I love everything about gamification.

Q#10. Give our followers some insights on your favorite hobbies and books
Mention: As @GamfedTurkiye even its Turkish but we got great book club at also I love and learnt lot from @DaveRage @yukaichou @RomanRackwitz @nireyal @amyjokim @mherger @mich8elwu @tobyberesford and made great talks with them here:


Ercan Altuğ Yilmaz had fun during the brief twinterview with myCred and he also showed his gratitude for inviting him as a Twitter guest. It’s time to say goodbye until with another twinterview.