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I have begun work on the next major version for myCred and would like to invite everyone to post your requests for features you would like to see in 1.7. Post your requests as comments below.

Here are a few things I will be adding in:


I have for a while been working on re-writing the remote API and make it more streamlined. With the introduction of the WordPress API in 4.4, I instead decided to add in support for myCRED through this API instead of writing my own.


Statistics Add-on

In version 1.7, the statistics addon will receive a new shortcode called mycred_statistics allowing stats to be shown on the front end. I might also add in a widget option.


buyCRED Add-on

Will be adding manual payment gateways like Bank Transfer, Check etc.


Gateway Add-on

Add option to set the product price in points on a product by product basis. This will be an alternative to just applying a generic exchange rate for the entire order, like we do it now.


For the rest I welcome your requests and suggestions. Please remember that features needs to be point related and be of use for a majority of myCRED users. So customizations or adding in very special features will not work. I am also not looking to add in any more third-party plugin support at this stage as I simply don’t have the time to provide support for anymore plugins. Each plugin that myCRED supports via hooks is a plugin I need to know and provide support for and this is getting way to much. Instead I will be focusing on helping plugin authors add support for myCRED from their end. 1.7 feature request deadline is December 20th.

  1. What about support for other community plugins like halo or pepso or ultimate member (I know ultimate has there own but it’s limited)

  2. Hi,
    Ok I am reassured that you continue 🙂
    As I say in the message, I do not understand the disappearance to BP-charges (, no answer on the bug or suggestions which is a great add-on

    My request is that this add-on can better interact with buddypress by hiding the buttons “Send message” … if we do not have credit (while adding an alert / message at the top of the page). Better user experience


    1. HI,
      I am surprised to have no answer for BP-loads.
      I purchased this add-on.
      It would be nice to know your plans for this add-on !???

    2. Did you not receive the email I sent out to all BP Charges users regarding beta testing version 1.1? It resolves some issues amongst users who updated BuddyPress to 2.4. In that update BP changed how private messages are handled (amongst other things) so a re-write was needed. I also added in other items like giving group owners the option to sell access to join their group etc. Please check your SPAM folder to make sure it did not end up there.

    3. HI,
      I’m glad to know that there is a version 1.1 but I ‘ve got nothing (or in spam).
      Is it possible to receive it or have it in my downloads?

      I repeat once again that the contents (add-on fee, forum, presentation) has been deleted or I did more access (cf )
      You confirm that he will contnue to receive support and development?

    4. Can I send it to the email you have on file here?
      The product page is currently down as I am re-writting the documentation to reflect the new features and the new minimum requirement of Buddypress 2.4.

      I am also working on with a way that customers can download beta versions. I just have not yet come up with a solution I like. So right now I contact customers by email when a beta is ready.

  3. Great news 🙂
    I would appreciate option to give users with mycred give ( rewards for example once per day, per week, per month, or pay hour.

    Thank to that, you would be able to reward users for visiting specific page in specified interval. No you can do it, but you have to change all the time “id”.

  4. Improve integration with Ultimate Member adding template tags to customize the recorded log user actions;
    Improve “Point for referrals hook” entering the affiliate user id in the form of new user register (referred by:) to confirm referral;
    Limit all the hooks by IP 1 time a day. To prevent users from creating multiple accounts for take advantage of the hook Daily Visits, for example.

  5. Hi,

    What about doing a crowdfunding campaign for a security audit of myCred ?
    If you do the campaign, I promise, I will pledge some money.

    Cordially, M.

    1. No matter how safe myCRED is, an unsafe website will compromise all plugins and themes installed. If someone gains admin access on your website through any means, myCRED will obey their commands. You could encrypt balances, access and the log but that will come at a great cost in form of server resources as you would need to encrypt and decrypt constantly.

    2. I wasn’t especially thinking about encripting and decripting the balances and the log. I guess that might not be something very important to all users. But I am more concerned about XSS and logic flaws which might enable an attacker to escalate his privileges.

    3. If the campaign raises enough money then why not ? 🙂
      Otherwhise, I’m in for a yearly fundraising.

      There are multiple experts who search for security issues in WordPress itself and get recognition by doing so once it has been fixed and publicly announced, and since myCred is an open source plugin, I beleive we could manage to get them (or one) to audit it whatever the campaign raises.

      WooCommerce for example is audited by Securi with every edit as you suggested.

      I’m glad you are responding on this, it means that you are at least remotely considering it, aren’t you ? 😉

  6. Assign multiple conditions for getting a badge and combine multiple actions(hooks) for a badge:
    e.g. 1:
    – like var1_number times, every day/week/x days, for var2_period (days/week(s)/month(s)
    —->>>> like 10 times Every 1 day for 2 weeks >>> get badge_1

    e.g. 2:
    – combine multiple actions (mycred hooks from addons) for a badge
    —->>>> like 10 times Every 1 day for 2 weeks + watch 10 movies for 1 week >>>> get superbadge_1


    1. Of course you can. Setup a product and call it “Buy 10 points” or something and then enable the point reward for purchasing that product. When a user then buys that product, they get 10 points. You will have to make the product “Virtual” though. Here is a forum topic on the subject.

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