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Beta 2 is now available for download either directly from here or by updating via your Plugins page in your wp-admin area. I want to extend a very big thank you to everyone who took the time to test and report issues! Without you guys this would have taken much more time! Thank you!

If you have made any customizations for the Sell Content add-on, Badges or Ranks add-ons, you should test 1.7 before it goes live to make sure your customizations does not break your site as you update. This is particularly important for the Sell Content add-on as it has been completely re-written!

  1. hi,
    download links seem to be not working,
    also in wp admin, there is no indication of update

    1. Ups, you are right. I forgot the s in betas. The download link should work now. For your admin area, it should show up once WordPress requests an update (it does not on every page load). You can always trigger it manually by clicking on “View Details” in the plugin list and once the content fully loaded in the popup, refresh the plugins page.

  2. Awesome, this sounds promising! Been using myCred for long time and it’s absolutely great.
    Will it be possible to show statistics on the front-end? I read it in the 1.7 feature requests, but didn’t see a reference it in the documentation of the first beta 🙂

    1. Hey.

      Front end support is in the works but I ran out of time for it be included in 1.7. I am also looking at finding a better chart library then the current one as it has it’s flaws and the library is no longer being maintained. Something like Highcharts would be the ultimate solution but unfortunately it’s licensed.

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