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myCred 1.7.6 Now Available


Bug Fixes

This version includes some important bug fixes for anyone who is currently using 1.7 or higher. You can find a complete list of fixes in the changelog.

Besides bug fixes, this update also includes some new features along with some improvements.

Hook Settings


All built-in hooks have been updated to present their settings in a more, structured way. I also fixed a few bugs where clicking on a label does not select a radio or checkbox. Some of the language has also been updated to prevent misunderstandings.

Finally I have also added in indicators to show fields that can not be left empty, one of the most common reported “issues” where the hook or hook limit is not working because the log template fields have been left empty (should never be empty).

Addon Settings


I have also updated the settings of all built-in add-ons to follow the new 1.7 styling, and I have adjusted the language slightly to prevent some misunderstandings.

Transfer Messages


If you have been using the custom code form the Transfer Messages tutorial here on the website, you might find it interesting that as of version 1.7.6, transfer messages are built-into myCred!

The tutorial code has been around for a while and is one of the most popular customization. It is however a code snippet that does not work well with older versions and the latest versions. So since I was making some under-the-hood improvement to the Transfers add-on, I would add this in as an option.

So if you have been using the tutorial code, you might want to look at removing your custom code once you update to 1.7.6.

By default transfer messages are turned off. So in order to use this feature, you need to go and edit your Transfer settings. Here you will find a new setting called “Message Length” which has  default value of zero (off). Simply set the maximum length of a message a user can send, save, and messages are now enabled wherever you are using the transfer shortcode!

The Transfer Plus and the Twilio add-on has also been updated to work with transfer messages.

WooCommerce Variable Product Rewards

If you have selected to reward your users with points for buying products, you will find that as of version 1.7.6, you can now set a unique amount for variable products!

You can still use the existing metabox to reward your users with the same amount no matter which variation they buy if you want, the variable values are purely optional and if set, takes precedence over the value you set in the metabox.

Moving Away from admin-ajax.php

1.7.6 also begins the transition of moving away from using the admin-ajax.php file for AJAX calls. The Sell Content add-on and some shortcodes have been updated to stop using the admin-ajax.php file  and will instead run requests from the “front end”. This will resolve issues where some web hosts block access to the admin-ajax.php file, causing AJAX powered features to fail.

The goal is to move everything to the upcoming REST API in 1.8 and stop using admin-ajax.php file all together for non admin related tasks.



One of the reasons for the delay of 1.7.6 is due to the rewrite of the Documentation. I have spent a lot of time updating existing documentation, by going in more depth on how features work along with what myCred can and cannot do.

I also taken the opportunity to address a lof of frequently asked questions in the documentation. I hope this will give a better picture of how you can use myCred both as a regular user and as a developer.

With this re-write I have also added in a lot of helpful links to the documentation to help you out. This includes adding in documentation for add-ons and hooks.

All premium add-on documentation will also be moved to the Codex. This way I can provide more in-depth information on how these plugins work or what they can do, along with including documentation or guides for developers.

Documentation Before Update After Update
Total Pages 70 191
Shortcodes 53 53
Actions 22 27
Filters 72 85
Functions 37 80
Hooks 6 27

Codex content statistics from before the update and the current version.